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Sanyo reveals the “Tiger,” network enabled DVR

The DSR-5016 from Sanyo is a DRV video management platform coded the “Tiger.” The system offers JPEG2000 technology, which features, progressive compression for network transmission of images and region of interest for targeted detailed compression. This technology enables the recorder to compress video with smaller file sizes, less block noise and improved image quality. The unit has a 120 ips high-speed engine for recording and playback. Up to four users, can take part in simultaneous playback. The DSR-5016 has a variety of storage options and capability.

Barcode Automation BA-200 Barcode reader

The BA-200 from Barcode Automation recently obtained UL access control system certification. The system is designed to meet access control needs of high-volume gated entry points. The reader is offered as a standalone, or can interface with an existing access control panel through a Wiegand 26bit format. The unit can be integrated with a computer security system through an RS232 serial port. The components are encased in an aluminum housing with interior temperature and humidity control extending the operation of the unit and laser life.

Middle Atlantic Products adds MK cable management rack

Middle Atlantic Products' MK 1945-24 cable management rack is engineered for applications with high-density patching requirements. Each rack features indexed swiveling front mount D-rings, and oversized internal cable ducts. The unit offers hook and loop cable straps. The cable management rack is 24-inch wide and 24-inch deep. It features a top front and rear cable tray, which allows cable feed through holes on the front, side and rear.

Axonx launches SpiderGuard

SpiderGuard by Axonx works with SigniFire the company's software that uses standard surveillance cameras and a processing unit to spot flames and smoke. SpiderGuard allows users to connect to cameras in multiple sites and incorporates building and floor plans to pinpoint the location of fire and smoke. The system offers remote monitoring, recording and playback features and voice annunciation of incoming alarms.
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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics offers DX-TL910U

The DX-TL910U is a digital video recorder with built in networking. It has a recording speed of 60 pictures per second. The system has a nine camera multiplexer and supports up to nine camera inputs and looping outputs. The DX-TL910U features recording settings to optimize storage capacity, built in motion detection as well as support for independent regular and alarm recording of grade and PPS.

Honeywell Power Products introduces fire alarm power supply group products

The HPF602ULADA and HPF902ULADA from Honeywell Power Products offer 6.0 or 9.0 amps of notification power, with direct AC power connections, an on-board battery charging circuit, and back up battery space. The power units can be used to provide additional power needed for notification appliance circuit expansion. The power supplies offer standalone operation and ground fault detection indicators.
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Cornet Technology unveils iVDO Viewer software

The iVDO Viewer software from Cornet Technology is Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP compatible and enables multiple mpeg-2 and mpeg-4 video streams to be viewed simultaneously on a computer connected to an IP network. The software offers session announcement protocol, which is a feature that automatically detects encoders on the network and creates clickable video streams.
Users can employ pan, tilt and zoom functions to manipulate cameras through the movement of a mouse. The software integrates with a variety of CCTV systems through application program interface.

GE Security introduces IFS EtherNav DEV7100

The EtherNav DEV7100 from IFS GE Security is an MPEG-4 video and data CODEC that enables a single baseband NTSC video, camera control data and audio to be IP encoded that transported on a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network. The DEV7100 is controlled with video navigator software that allows monitoring and remote pan, tilt, zoom control that can be accomplished by a central monitoring station or Internet connection. The output can be electrical or a baseband video output connection and can be remotely configured via Internet.

Boon Edam offers revolving door with Stereovision

Boon Edam’s Stereovision provides physical access control while maintaining a high traffic capacity at entrances. Stereovision, the security revolving door technology is designed to enhance the Tourlock 180 and 80 by preventing piggybacking, tailgating and unauthorized entries. Stereovision is a patented security system that recognizes shapes, sizes and volume in three dimensions.
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Secura Key releases two-door access system in a box

The e*ACCESS1 packages from Secura Key are two-door access control systems in a box. It features e*Tag proximity readers and can provide access control features and highly secure DES-encrypted cards. The systems enables installers to network up to 200 doors and enroll up to 65,000 cardholders.

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