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MicroTek/KBC Networks’ ThruLink

ThruLink products provide transparent and secure communication over any standard TCP/IP network. Thrulink performs from behind firewalls, NAT devices and through nearly any other type of network configurations. The ability to deploy a secure network over or within other networks allows integrators to deploy network devices without disturbing the host network. ThruLink is available in both standard and high capacity models.

ASIS Booth No. 1346

Tokina Industriala’s (THK Photo Products) TM55Z1038

Tokina introduces the new Super Motorized Zoom Lens. The compact body contains 55X(10-550mm/ -1100mm), high speed (F3.8), super high resolution by using SD (super Low Dispersion) glass lenses. Available Manual, Auto iris, Preset and inner 2X extender models for variety of applications.

ASIS Booth No. 2463

Pelco’s Spectra Mini IP

With complete 360 degree PTZ control and high-quality, full-frame-rate video, Spectra Mini IP captures what others simply cannot. And it delivers the speed, accuracy and responsiveness you’ve come to expect from Spectra. Easy to install and even easier to operate, Spectra Mini IP takes advantage of PoE technology and an open architecture. Spectra Mini IP is specifically designed for seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure, so is the ideal choice for a multitude of markets.

Mul-T-Lock USA’S CLIQ Sequence Lock

Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive CLIQ wire-free, electromechanical cylinder platform now includes the Sequence Lock. In addition to the capabilities of all CLIQ products, which include, instant key authorization and deactivation, time-scheduling of keys, audit trail capacities and more, the Sequence Lock offers superior door protection by requiring that a certain sequence of Interactive CLIQ keys are inserted into the cylinder in their correct order before unlocking. Series of keys needed can include up to 8 keys, any of which may be standard keys used to operate non-sequence locks as well.

Security Cameras Direct’s NEW H.264 Hexaplex DVRs

Security Cameras Direct just released its NEW line of H.264 Hexaplex Networkable DVRs. These H.264 DVRs will offer state of the art video codec that will offer stunning video quality at a very low data rate. This DVR has a host of features such as built in motion detection, networkable audio capability, hexaplex operation, USB 2.0 offload and more.

ASIS Booth no. 3771

Dotworkz’ D2-Xero Bandwith Module

Quick deployment, portable wireless system with NVR. Representing a new era in video surveillance, the new D2 XeroBandwidth camera enclosure from Dotworkz is the first completely elfsustaining,portable wireless system with a built-in network video recorder. The NVR supports all current software, delivers full resolution, full frame rate video from one to five days retention as standard. In addition, an integrated Wi-Fi access point enables remote access of the Xero Bandwidth systems from controlling your PTZ camera to viewing and retrieving video data.

SARGENT Passport 1000

The SARGENT Passport 1000 lockset, available in offline and WiFi-enabled online versions, acts as a stand-alone electronic locking system that operates off the powerful PERSONA Campus software. The Grade 1 lock utilizes magnetic stripe and PIN code technologies for dual validation and customized individual access to facilities. The lockset seamlessly integrates into a “One card” solution providing total access for campus dorms and facilities. Working with most existing magstripe cards, the SARGENT solution imports student information without duplicated existing databases.

ABM Data Systems’ Raptor

Raptor allows a base station to monitor radio communication between policemen, firemen and emergency medical technicians. The ABM Data Systems solution provides its government and private security customers with easy entry of radio assignments. Raptor also logs an entry each time a person transmits a radio message and can “flag” radios that are lost or stolen. Raptor customers can retrieve archived data and design custom reports.

ASIS Booth No. 3359

VideoIQ’s iCVR Encoder

The VideoIQ iCVR Encoder allows customers to integrate their existing analog cameras into an intelligent and powerful IP-based video surveillance system. VideoIQ iCVR Encoders bring the full power of VideoIQ’s analytics and the iCVR system benefits to any analog camera. VideoIQ iCVR Encoders also capture and encode video from any analog cameras with H.264 compression at up to D1/30fps. PTZ commands will also pass through the encoders to provide full analog PTZ camera control.

ASIS Booth No. 1946

Security Information’s Alarm Center Print Catcher

Security Information Systems (SIS), a worldwide provider in automation software systems for the security industry, has developed a new product: The Alarm Center Print Catcher. The Alarm Center Print Catcher is utilized in central stations to eliminate the need for the continuous printing of subscriber alarm events from IP, digital, and radio alarm signal receivers. The Alarm Center Print Catcher has the ability to store data received from your all event printers to a local PC data file.