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Pelco’s Sarix ID Series Mega-Performance Dome Camera

Experience the power of Sarix technology in an easy-to-install, integrated fixed dome form factor with the new Pelco Sarix ID Series Mega-Performance Dome Cameras. Featuring High Definition (HD) and megapixel resolutions, exceptional low light performance, Auto Back Focus, consistent color science, H.264 compression, and built-in analytics, Sarix ID Series set a new standard of performance and usability for HD IP dome systems. The Sarix ID Series also incorporate the latest IT standards while adhering to open architecture principles.

Cross Point’s TextAlert

TextAlert can wirelessly monitor up to 16 zones at a site with each zone having a customized text message that identifies each zone if a breach occurs. The text messages will be sent to designated message recipients. TextAlert is easy to set up and includes a double knock or dual sensor feature that eliminates false alarms. TextAlert includes a 20-hour battery back-up in the event of a power outage and is a perfect notification device for security guards and property managers.

Optellios FP1100-X - Self-Healing Fence Intrusion Detection System

The FP1100-X is the first and only fence perimeter security system that remains fully operational after the sensing cable has been severed. Using a pioneering distributed fiber loopback technology to re-route optical signals in the event of a cable cut, the FP1100-X system eliminates this common defeat mechanism, thus ensuring a previously unattainable level of perimeter security.


ASIS Booth No. 669

Firetide’s IVS-100

Firetide IVS-100 is an integrated wireless video surveillance solution supporting public safety and commercial security applications. Incorporating a Firetide HotPort wireless mesh node, IP camera or analog video camera with an encoder, and optional storage, the system is ideal for outdoor video surveillance applications. Designed for rapid deployment, IVS-100 delivers wireless connectivity, real-time video and edge-of-network storage.


ASIS Booth No. 447

Securitron Magnalock’s iMXDa

iMXDa is a fully integrated motion exit delay system. Despite being only 12.5” long, Securitron’s new 1,200lb. iMXDa includes advanced new features including a learning‚ auto initiate gap up to 1”. User selectable features include audible reminder tones, authorized passage times, and manual or delayed automatic relock. Other upgrades include automatic dual voltage and an improved bracket mounted design.


ASIS Booth No. 3501

Safety Technology’s Universal Pneumatic Button

The Pneumatic button is cost-effective and gives users several options in one package. It has a mechanical, adjustable timer which opens or closes a circuit and has a timed delay before reset. It does not require power for actuation and has a timer life of more than 1,000,000 operations. When local code or authority requires a pneumatic button be used, this device solves the problem. Backed by a one-year guarantee on electronics and pneumatic timer.


ASIS Booth No. 2411

Speco’s Intensifier 2 Series

Speco Technologies Focus Free Intensifier 2 dome (HT7248FFiL) and bullet (HTB11FFiL) cameras see color in the dark without IR LEDs, without creating any image blur, let the installer know when they are perfectly level to the horizon, and see crystal clear images from inches to infinity without refocusing the camera. The Leveling feature (Accelerometer) alerts the installer when the camera is horizontally level during an installation. These cameras are great for high ceilings, poles, areas subject to vibration and similar applications.

SDi’s Smoke Sabre

We are proud to announce the launch of Smoke Sabre, a totally new concept in smoke detector testing which offers multiple unique features and is available now. At the flick of the wrist, the sabre extends to provide fast and efficient testing while eliminating the possibility of detector damage through residue. Listed, Smoke Sabre is the solution to problems previously associated with aerosol smoke detectors.

Continental Access’ Accelerator

Expand your controller’s memory, improve download speeds and processing performance. Grant greater cardholder capability and built-in optional TCP/IP communication with Continental’s Accelerator Board. Once attached, it takes over all processing and memory functions from the original controller. A 32-bit microprocessor executes 54MIPS and an optional on-board LAN adapter for directCAT-5 connects to a network with download speeds of more than 921Kbps. 4MB of memory comes standard on our Accelerator Board that can expand to 20MB with the addition of two 8MB SIMM modules.

Izzo Insurance Services’ General Liability and Umbrella Coverage

We are proud to announce our new liability and umbrella program for the Security Industry. The liability program is designed to offer broader coverage than the industry standard. The umbrella coverage is offered with limits up to $5 million. Coverage comparisons are provided. All security programs can provide coverage for Liability with Errors & Omissions, Umbrella, Workers’ Compensation, Fidelity Bonds, EPLI, Property and Auto.


ASIS Booth No. 1115