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International Electronics’ eMerge 5000 Version 3.0

Emerge 5000 Version 3.0 includes major new enhancements, such as: regional anti-passback with occupancy, counting, a region-by-region roll call report, LDAP user authentication, time zone offsets for remote network nodes, long annotations, support for the Panasonic HD300 series DVRs, event acknowledgement commentary, and more.  Additionally, MYSQL has been replaced with new Progre SQL database manager. eMerge 5000 is a cost effective, flexible and foolproof solution and is available in a Basic, Intermediate or Enterprise systems.

Tokina Industriala’s TVR0616DC-IR

The Tokina TVR0616DC-IR, is a 6-60mm, F1.6, 1/3””, CS-mount, IR corrected varifocal lens designed for day/night cameras 24/7 surveillance application. This Infrared corrected version of popular Tokina TVR0616DC and the new TVR0616DC-IR consist with three Super-Low-Dispersion (SD) glass elements, which gives sharp focus in a wide range of lighting conditions (430~900nm).


ASIS Booth No. 2866

Kaba’s E-Plex Series with LearnLok

Kaba’s E-Plex card-based electronic locks with LearnLok provides card access without wires, software, or computers. Cards are easily enrolled at the door in “LearnLok” mode. This is the perfect solution for simple card-access installations, or to add additional doors to an existing system at less cost. The LearnLok feature is available to read various card technologies including 125 kHz prox, FIPS 201 credentials, DESFire, or other smart cards. This functionality is available in various locking configurations including cylindrical, mortise, exit trim, controller, narrow stile and more.

Gentex Corporation’s CO1209

The new CO1209 Series utilizes established sensing technology to deliver reliable performance wherever CO detection is required. The product is in compliance with UL 2034 and NFPA 720, and is currently shipping to leading electrical wholesalers, security product distributors and engineered systems distributors. The CO1209 features Dualink‚ a Gentex system that enables interconnectivity with all Gentex tandem-capable smoke alarms. This capability makes it practical to add CO detection to any compatible Gentex alarm installation.

CCTV Outlet’s ECL-5HIM

The ECL-5HIM indoor IR dome camera just got better. The new model comes fully equipped with metal plate and bracket for heat dispersion, a dipswitch controlling the unique strobe technology, detachable test monitor connection, longer IR range and a new smaller more compact dual voltage board with non-polarized connections. Easily install and mount the 5HIM with the new wall mount bracket and back junction box.


ASIS Booth No. 3887

Smarter’s Fastlane ClearStyle 400

Fastlane ClearStyle 400 sets the industry standard for elegance in optical turnstiles. Its patented design has been updated to make it smaller and sleeker. With glass-like, acrylic side panels and a small footprint, just 2.2” wide and 31” long, ClearStyle 400 blends into any lobby. A variety of readers can be aesthetically integrated into the stainless steel ends. The tailgate detection and alarm accuracy inherent in intelligent Fastlane technology provide security without a barrier.


Optex’s REDSCAN RLS-3060

The REDSCAN RLS-3060 is an innovative class 1 laser scan detector designed for high security applications. It can detect an object’s size, speed, and distance from the detector and process the information, which results in high-reliability detection of people with minimal false alarms. The REDSCAN can be mounted vertically or horizontally, creating a virtual wall with four fully programmable detection areas that are perfect for controlling PTZ cameras. REDSCAN is a next-generation outdoor detector.


Open Options’ Intercept

Intercept is a powerful, easy-to-use application that combines DNA Fusion access control, the STENTOFON AlphaCom E intercom system, and Axis IP video cameras to remotely screen visitors. The Intercept client resides on any computer and is immediately brought to the front when communications are received from an intercom substation.  The user is then presented with real-time video at the door or parking gate along with two-way audio and the option to allow or deny access.


ASIS Booth No. 3363

HySecurity’s Smart Touch

Smart DC (and its cousin, the Smart Touch Controller), is HySecurity’s intelligent control platform, used in all its hydraulic and electromechanical super reliable gate operators. Smart Controllers turn a stand-alone access control point into an integrated, intelligent, and highly secure, automated vehicular gate. It detects gate malfunction, or access control breaches, including tailgating, stores incidents in non-volatile memory and reports in real time to command and control, generating an informed, appropriate and immediate response.