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American Dynamics’ VideoEdge

American Dynamics VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the industry’s first turn-key appliance server that lets you transform standard commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) computers into Enterprise NVRs. The bootable installation disc automatically installs an embedded Linux operating system, web server, and all of the camera, network, security and storage applications within minutes. Each NVR supports as many as 128 cameras and can be configured with megapixel and standard IP cameras, plus analog cameras via supported IP encoders.

Marks USA’s i-Qwik Electronic Access Control

Marks USA announces a price break-thru in stand-alone access control. The New i-Qwik is an all-weather, heavy duty, grade 2 lockset with a 160 user capability and a black powder coat crinkle finish with 26D American Levers.It is keypad programmable and has functions for manual passage mode, double code entry and PIN only function. The i-Qwik is ADA compliant, UL listed and carries the Marks Lifetime Mechanical Warranty and a 2 Year Electronic Warranty.

ASIS Booth No. 1944

Brijot Imaging Systems’ ScanPort

The Brijot ScanPort, an engineered security solution that optimizes the Brijot GEN 2 technology in a rugged, portable, whole-body imaging system for use in extreme environments, consists of a standard 20-foot ISO shipping container that contains two GEN 2 full-body imaging systems. The passive millimeter wave-imaging systems provide simultaneous front and back real-time screening and concealed object detection.

Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analysis

Bosch’s new Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) software, IVA 3.5, offers enhanced video content analysis capabilities, including color filtering, which allows object color, saturation, and precision to be set as detection criteria. IVA 3.5 enables new filters for line crossing, object trajectory, aspect ratio, and condition change detection, and adds support for far infrared thermal cameras. An optional license enables powerful forensic search capabilities. The new software is embedded in the latest Bosch cameras and encoders.

Aiphone’s Video Door Stations with Stand-alone Proximity Card Readers

Aiphone releases the AX-DV-XP and AX-DVF-XP for the AX Series. These new door stations add card reader control at an entry without requiring an access panel. Adding an embedded prox card reader to our door station combines the convenience of video identification, audio communication and access control into a single unit. Save money and time on installation while safely identifying visitors before they are inside. The AX Series uses Cat-5E and supports 120 doors and 8 masters.

Datacard Group’s RP90 Plus E card printer

The Datacard RP90 Plus E card printer employs retransfer technology to print high-quality images on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards and longer lasting non-PVC cards that offer higher durability. It is a one-or two-sided printer specifically engineered to help government agencies and other organizations issue secure, material-independent identification cards that contain the latest contact and contactless smart card technologies. It also offers an optional lamination station to extend card life or enhance card security.

Contigo Systems’ Lone Worker Safety Solution

Contigo’s Lone Worker Safety Solution provides an unprecedented level of protection for both drivers and lone workers. During a theft or critical incident, workers or vehicles can be tracked in real-time by central station operators using Contigo’s location-aware PSAP database to dispatch emergency personnel. The Contigo Lone Worker Safety beacon requires no installation, enabling the device to be used in a vehicle or carried on-person for the ultimate in versatility and security.

Lumenera’s Megapixel PTZ Network Camera

Lumenera’s integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) network camera system provides high quality images for a variety of mission critical applications including border security, correctional facilities, and emergency services. Highlights and features include both CCD and CMOS-based megapixel cameras, 6x optical zoom, 32 definable preset positions, durable outdoor weatherproof enclosure, and Pelco-D protocol support. Customizable to your choice of Lumenera network camera, PTZ protocol and/or enclosure style. Day/night modules available.

IntelliView’s Intelligent Video Analyzer (IVA)

Intelligent DVR incorporates real-time behavioral analysis into camera surveillance systems. IntelliView Technologies, a developer of video analytics announces the official launch of its new Intelligent Video Analyzer (IVA). The IVA is a powerful all-in-one intelligent video surveillance device that combines digital video recording (DVR), sophisticated video analytics, automated alarm and event notification, flexible networking capabilities, and configuration of multiple cameras into one compact package.

Cross Point’s GORT

GORT is a robotic security guard that stops crime before it occurs. When an intruder enters a secured area the GORT light will turn on, scan the area and lock on the intruder. The light will flash several times informing the intruder that he is being watched and recorded. As the intruder moves through the secured area the light will follow him, convincing him that he is being watched by a human who is controlling the moving light. If an IP system is connected to the GORT, a user can look through the camera via internet and move the camera/light to view the secured area.