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Telephone & Intercom Systems

Eventide unveils DIR911T

Eventide's DIR911T, a two or four-channel unit provides communications professionals a standalone instant recall recorder for emergency call centers. The unit is capable of playing back messages at variable speeds using dedicated buttons and a job shuttle wheel to control the speed. It offers two telephone and auxiliary recording channels each with 60 minutes of recording capability. The DIR11T has a built in10-minute UPS and recording storage can be expanded to two to four hours per channel. It comes as a desktop unit, which is rack mountable.

Research Electronics provides software

Research Electronics International's OPC-V5.02 software and the OSCOR-5000E protects against eavesdropping devices. The system detects audio, video, and digital transmitters, including transmitters such as frequency-hopping and spread spectrum devices. The software provides multiple spectrum trace comparison.
For more information about this product, call Research Electronics International at 931- 537-6032 or visit the company's web site at

ETS unveils surveillance microphone

The SM1-U, a pre-amplified, unidirectional surveillance microphone from ETS features a dual active element providing significant side noise rejection. The surveillance microphone has a four foot beam width.
For more information about this product, call ETS at 866-700-3923 or visit the company's web site at

Viking Electronics announces E-30-EWP

The E-30-EWP from Viking Electronics is a hands free phone connected to a C.O. line or analog station. The unit features a non-volatile memory, a built in dialer and intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang up when the call is completed.
For more information, call Viking Electronics at 715-386-8861 or visit the company's web site at

GTO unveils wireless intercom keypad

The F3100 a wireless entry intercom keypad from GTO can be used in residential applications. The keypad consists of an indoor base unit and an outdoor standalone intercom and keypad. The unit can have up to 25 programmed codes. The system uses 900-megahertz technology. It provides two-way communication up to 500 feet wireless or 1,000 feet wired. The interior intercom is mobile with a rechargeable battery.
For more information about this product call GTO at 800-543-4283 or visit the company's web site at

Viking Electronics introduces accessible entry system, AES-2000

The AES-2000 from Viking Electronics is programmed with Windows compatible PC software. It is an entry system for commercial and residential use, which provides messages and help instructions. The unit incorporates the EZ Access System to provide interactive visual, tactile and audible instructions to the user. The user scrolls visually through the tenant directory and the system speaks the tenant's name out loud. The directory can be expanded to 525 names and phone numbers.

Jeron's intercom system offers spectrum of features

The Spectrum 430/460 Digital Duplex Intercom System from Jeron Electronics Systems Inc. is designed to serve as a central communications system that integrates with a facility's security system. Spectrum runs on a single PC and features an RS-232 interface that allows for integration with remote control systems and programmable logic controllers to coordinate video camera control, lights, doors, and the use of graphic annunciators. Its features also include digital voice quality and audio monitoring.

Talk-A-Phone debuts emergency information phones

Talk-A-Phone's PBX systems are specially designed to accommodate Talk-A-Phone Emergency/Information Phones. PBX systems are ideal for large campuses, parking garages, industrial and commercial locations requiring a large number of call stations.The PBX creates a stand-alone Emergency Phone System that accommodates outgoing telephone lines. The unit is also modular for easy expansion up to 352 stations. Versatile and robust, these full-featured PBXs provide a complete head-end solution.

Talk-A-Phone debuts strobe

Talk-A-Phone's model ETP-EL 12/24 is a blue light strobe that operates on either 12 or 24 volts DC. The blue light remains on at all times; the strobe is activated by a contact closure. The ETP-EL 12/24 can operate as a stand alone beacon or integrate with Talk-A-Phone emergency phones so that when the emergency button is pushed, the strobe automatically begins flashing, calling attention to the location.

For more information, contact Talk-A-Phone at 773-539-1100 or visit

Trigon debuts tower

Trigon Electronics, Inc. is intoducing the TelalarmHF-2 Mini Tower, a unit constructed of stainless steel, 42 inches high, four inches wide and four inches deep. It also has camera-ready relay and mounting studs, a 1,000,000 candlepower blue strobe and a 50-watt white area light.

For more information, contact Trigon at 800-842-7444 or visit