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Personal response system debuts

Guardian Systems is introducing the Guardian Talker Emergency Response Telephone to be used in conjunction with a waterproof one ounce alarm button to provide protection for seniors in their home or a senior facility. When the Talker alarm button or the portable alarm button is pushed, the Talker will dial out and report the alarm to up to four telephone numbers. A digital or verbal message tells the called party where the alarm has originated.

For more information, contact Guardian at 480-940-8900 or visit

Trigon Electronics' new Telalarm HF-2MAX

Trigon Electronics has developed another addition to its series of Telalarm autodial emergency telephones. The new development is the Telalarm HF-2 MAX.

The new HF-2MAX is triangular in construction, powder-coated steel, 102 inches high and 11 inches on each side.

It comes with a 1,000,000 candlepower blue strobe, a 50-watt white area light, a voice call location identifier. The system is camera ready.

In addition, the Telalarm HF-2MAX can be initiated by a remote attendant.

Elk Products reveals ELK-124 recordable unit

Elk Products' new ELK-124 recordable unit can store 8 minutes of recording time for one to eight different messages. The ELK-124 includes traditional speaker outputs, but the included line level output also allows integration with amplified systems: telephone, paging, intercom, nurse call, etc.

Additional features include volume control, 24W audio amplifier, on-board microphone, connector for downloading .wav files and additional switches for easy programming.

TekTone offers Door Ajar Stations

TekTone's Door Ajar Apartment Stations include a door release button that lights when the lobby door is open or ajar. The stations are available in flush or surface mount.

For info, contact TekTone at 800-327-8466 or visit

Siedle debuts Intercom 3000

The Siedle Intercom 3000 features hands-free voice communication, discrete voice receiver, musical entertainment and remote door release.

Monochrome and color video monitoring enhances Intercom 3000 with video memory options.

For information, contact Siedle at 800-874-3353 or visit

Trigon intros Telalarm HF-2 Two Button

The new Telalarm HF-2 Two Button has an emergency (help) button in addition to an information (call) button.The Tel-alarm HF-2TB can be used with Trigon's Call Manager to control up to 30 stations without outside telephone lines.

For information, contact Trigon at 800-842-7444 or

Aiphone releases corporate security intercom

Aiphone introduces the AI-900 Corporate Security Intercom System, which integrates with existing access control and CCTV equipment. Users can program/monitor software from an off site PC, via an RS-232 interface. It can support a single-line telephone, with Caller ID. From one exchange it can support up to four master stations and 64 vandal-resistant sub-stations or up to 16 exchanges with 64 master stations and 1,024 sub-stations.

For information, call Aiphone at 800-692-0200 or visit

Jeron provides CID interface intercom system

Jeron Electronic Systems' Caller ID interface allows staff to manage calls from a portable intercom station anywhere within the facility. The CID interface uses a standard cordless telephone to enable mobile duplex voice communication.

The phone's LCD displays a caller's extension number and directory name. Staff may place calls on hold, transfer or set-up conference calls as well as initiate a page, all call or access a PBX line.

For information, call Jeron at 773-275-1900 or visit

Siedle releases the Siedle MULTI system

Siedle MULTI is a complete video/telecommunications system separate from the telephone PBX systems.

The MULTI was designed as an open bus audio/video structure, allowing building automation systems to be integrated with Siedle for large residential/commercial applications.

System features include multiple video channeling of Siedle/non-Siedle cameras and caller ID to concierge/porter function with call differentiation (emergency/alarm).

For information, call Siedle at 800-874-3353 or visit

Talk-A-Phone offers emergency phone tower

Talk-A-Phone's ETP-MT/R-OPT5 is a nine-foot six-inch tall ADA-compliant emergency phone tower that is vandal resistant, made of 1/4-inch steel, and can incorporate a dome with a pan and tilt CCTV system or a still camera built into the tower.

The tower has a lexan enclosure around the high-power blue light/strobe. It is used with Talk-A-Phone's outdoor emergency phones.

For information contact Talk-A-Phone at 773-539-1100 or visit