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Linear develops RE-1 telephone security product

Linear's RE-1 is the first residential telephone security system to use cast stainless steel with a polished finish. It is also available in cast zinc with brushed nickel or gold finishes. Two general purpose relays and a wireless MegaCode receiver/antenna ensure maximum system functionality. The RE-1 allows up to three pre-programmed off site numbers to be called, and has on-premises intercom capabilities.

For information, contact Linear at 800-421-1587 or visit

Trigon Electronics debuts Telalarm HF-2PED

Trigon Electronics's addition to its series of Telalarm autodial emergency telephones is the Telalarm HF-2 Pedestal. The HF-2PED is triangular construction, powder-coated steel.

It has a camera-ready relay, camera mounting studs, programmable site ID and a voice call location identifier. The HF-2PED can be used with Intercom Call Manager to control up to 30 stations without outside lines.

For information, contact Trigon at 800-842-7444 or visit

Generation Electronics offers new battery packs

A new line of lithium/manganese dioxide battery packs for card reader door locks are designed to last up to seven years. The Generation battery packs are four times more powerful than alkaline batteries and operate in temperature ranges from 40 below to 140 degrees. The 3-, 6- and 9-volt packs fit a variety of card reader door locks.

Contact Generation Electronics Inc. at 800-441-2833 or visit

Channel Vision’s Aria introduces Soprano loudspeakers

Aria, Channel Vision’s whole house audio distribution line, announces its new 6.5-inch in-wall and in-ceiling Soprano series custom installation speakers.

The IW601 in-wall speaker and IC602 in-ceiling speaker feature adjustable tweeters, crossover network, 20-watt RMS, 150-watt peak and 8-ohm nominal impedance. Mounting template and paint shield are included; rough-in kit available separately.

For information, contact Channel Vision at 800-840-0288 or visit

Viking introduces new doorbox system

Viking’s new doorboxes are designed to be installed on the unused telephone line input of nearly any phone system or when combined with the C-1000A Doorbox Controller, the doorboxes can also be installed in single line residential applications.

The doorboxes are designed to interface directly with the unused trunk input of a PABX or electronic key system. For residential applications, one or two doorboxes can share a single line phone when used with Viking’s C-1000A door entry controller. Normal phone operation is not affected.

Viscount releases new EmerPhone system

Viscount Systems is introducing its new EmerPhone emergency phone system.

The units are designed to dial preprogrammed numbers using either a single pushbutton or a keypad. The EmerPhone also has the ability to power strobes or sirens for panic station applications, and some units include auxiliary relays to open parking gates or doors.

The EmerPhone is available in surface, flush, or OEM housings suitable for elevator phones.

It is also available in a stainless steel handset unit which is suitable for ATM machines or other similar information kiosks.

Aiphone debuts AI-900 integrated system

Aiphone introduces the AI-900 Integrated Intercommunication System, which integrates with existing equipment. It can support up to 16 exchanges with 64 master stations and 1,024 sub-stations.

For more information, call 800-692-0200 or visit

Viking debuts vandal-proof emergency phone

Viking’s E-1600A Series ADA Compliant Emergency Phones are designed to provide reliable handsfree communication over the public switched telephone network.

The phones meet ADA requirements for elevator and emergency telephones and can be programmed from any touchtone phone. The phones can dial up to five programmable emergency numbers, as well as two central station numbers.

For more information, call 715-386-8861 or visit Viking’s website at

NDRM rack mount offered by Aiphone

The NDRM Rack Mount system from Aiphone provides voice communication throughout a facility and integrates with access control/CCTV systems.

In offices with security consoles, the intercom can be mounted in the rack console. The master station can accommodate up to 100 remote stations and has the flexibility to call up cameras and release doors or gates associated with remote station locations.

For more information, contact Aiphone at 800-692-0200 or visit

Jeron debuts new school intercom

The Jeron Spectrum 520 school intercom system provides a comprehensive communication and management system.

The system offers classroom-to-administration intercom, class change and warning tone signals and multi-zone paging and program distribution.

Spectrum 520 delivers voice communication with high-speed connectivity and clear, crisp sound quality.

For more information, call Jeron at 800-621-1903 or visit