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Telephone & Intercom Systems

Viking unveils vandal-resistant stainless steel phone

The K-1700-3 stainless steel phone from Viking Electronics provides a tough yet attractive hands-free phone suitable for many applications.

Simply press the “call” button, wait for dial tone and then use the keypad to dial any number.

The K-1700-3 is ideal for use as an apartment entry phone or as a residential gate or door entry phone. An optional weather- resistant black surface mount box is also available.

Trigon introduces new wall mount

Trigon Electronics Inc. is introducing the Telalarm HF-2 Wall Mount.

This model was designed for wall or pole mounting when extended battery operations are required because of limited night charging time.

The unit has programmable site ID and a voice call location identifier.

For more information, call 800-842-7444 or visit the company’s website at

Chamberlain upgrades CJWin software

Chamberlain Professional Products introduces CJWin 2.0 software, featuring increased computer compatibility and interfaces with its Sentex Crown Jewel residential telephone entry system.

The new 32-bit version is compatible with most Windows operating systems. Via a computer and modem, users can program phone numbers, entry codes, call forwarding, do-not-disturb and lock/unlock schedules.

For information, contact Chamberlain Professional Products at 800-323-2276 or visit the website at

Atkinson Dynamics provides wireless intercoms

Atkinson Dynamics introduces a line of wireless industrial intercoms. The two-way intercoms are ideal for temporary applications or situations where cabling isn’t feasible.

The intercoms operate on 120VAC power and are designed to withstand vibration and rough usage. Other features include vandal-proofing and corrosion-resistant cast-aluminum housing.

For information, contact Atkinson Dynamics at 888-751-1500 or visit the website at

Aiphone Corp. debuts centralized control unit

The GF-MK from Aiphone Corp. is a centralized control unit which can communicate with all tenants in a building and entrance stations, as well as reply to panic call situations.

Features include digital keyboard and LCD display showing the calling location or pre-programmed name. The GF-MK is part of the GF audio/video entry system.

For more information, contact Aiphone at 800-692-0200 or visit

Viking releases weather resistant call box

Viking’s new W-3000EWP weather resistant door box was built for outdoor use.

The W-3000EWP incorporates special sealed switches and volume controls. The circuit board is molded in a urethane that expands with heat and cold.

For more information call Viking at 715-386-8861 or visit the company’s website at

Jeron debuts school intercom system

The Spectrum 520 School Intercom System from Jeron provides a comprehensive communication and management system for education environments.

The system offers classroom-to-administration intercom, class change and warning tone signals, and multi-zone paging and program distribution. It combes digital networking technologies with user-friendly master and call-in stations.

For more information, call Jeron at 800-621-1903 or visit

Talk-A-Phone unveils Solar Emergency Phone Towers

Talk-A-Phone’s ADA-compliant, hands-free Solar Emergency Phone Towers provide a reliable, completely wireless communication solution.

Phones can automatically tell the guard or receptionist receiving the call the location of the calling unit. The Emergency Phone Towers work in applications such as parking facilities, college and medical campuses, airports and shopping malls. Radio frequency and cellular versions are available, both with blue light/strobes on top and faceplate lights.

Jeron rolls out Spectrum 460

Jeron’s Spectrum 460 is a master-to-master internal intercom system that can handle two to 9,072 stations across wide geographical areas. A compact wall-mounted unit houses the microprocessor-based fully digital central exchange with plug-in circuit packs, power supply with full system battery backup and pre-cabled standard telephone termination blocks.

For information, call Jeron at 800-621-1903 or visit

Linear offers multi-tenant telephone entry system

The AE-1000 Telephone Entry system from Linear Corp. provides full duplex communications through hands-free operation and controls up to four doors via touch-tone telephone. Remote control transmitters can be used with the AE-1000’s built-in radio. The 10,000-user capacity can be achieved with Linear AccessBase 2000 networking software; up to 750 users can be programmed with a standard web browser.

For more information, call Linear at 800-421-1587 or visit