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Mace Security introduces its new digital IP videophone

Mace Security International has announced the introduction of its new digital IP videophone. The videophone works with all IP-based networks including LANs, WANs, Internet, Ethernet interface and H.323 compatible systems. The product is a professional grade digital phone that provides exceptional video images and audio sounds. The videophone provides video quality up to 30 frames per second and an advanced echo canceling technology, which allows streaming audio to be properly transmitted.

Gamewell introduces Multiplexed Voice Evacuation System

The Gamewell Co. has launched the Gamewell Multiplexed Voice Evacuation System. The system can be used for high-rise and multi-building campus-style applications, places of assembly and educational facilities.

The Multiplexed Voice Evacuation System operates with Gamewell Fire Alarm Control Panels and provides features needed for effective Voice Evacuation and Fire Alarm Control system.

For more information on this product contact Gamewell at 800-606-1983 or visit

Digital Acoustics launches ii3 IP Intercom Series

By Digital Acoustic Corp., the ii3 IP Intercom Series with Talkmaster management software is the first in the next generation of two-way intercom stations.

In ii3 IP Intercom configurations, standard PCs handle master station functions for a single intercom to hundreds of stations. Talkmaster manages two-way audio as well as operations for waiting calls, storing messages, sending alerts and call transferring.

For more information contact Digital Acoustics at 847-604-9256 or visit

Viking offers new accessible entry system

Viking Electronics has unveiled the Viking Accessible Entry System AES-2000. The system incorporates the EZ Access System to provide interactive visual, tactile and audible instructions to the user. The AES-2000 uses handsfree communication, but if needed tenants and visitors may use TTY/TDD text telephones.

The product is programmed with a Windows compatible PC by connecting the interface to a personal computer. The software will allow multiple buildings to be supervised by a single PC.

Digital Acoustics Corp. delivers TalkMasterP2 upgrade for its ii3 IP Interc

Digital Acoustics Corp. has announced the TalkMasterP2, version 1.5, PC console software, an IP-based solution for managing a company’s Ethernet intercom products. TalkMasterP2 supports an array of intercom stations from the company’s ii3 IP Intercom series, which includes desktop units, door stations, OEM modules and wall mount units.

Bosch adds new Voice Evacuation Systems

Bosch Voice Evacuation Systems can facilitate automatic alert and alarm signals, spoken instructions for evacuation or other action and manual paging. The system is designed for areas of 300 or more people and high-rise structures greater than 75 feet. It is compatible with 12- or 24-volt fire alarm control panels. Customers can choose from more than 900 combinations of digitally recorded messages, with multi-lingual capability. Messages may be up to four minutes long and are overridden by the live microphone. System options range from 25 watts to up to 2,000 watts of audio power.

Trigon introduces Minipack WG

The Minipak WG from Trigon is a multi-number telephone entry system for resident and visitor control. The unit can hold up to 400 telephone numbers and up to 400 personal entry codes. The Minipak keypad is ADA compliant and supports all weigand 26 bit protocol.

For more information, call Trigon at 800-842-7444 or visit

Pulse adds Excelsus Z- BLOCKER Z-A431PJ31X-A

The Excelsus Z-BLOCKER Z-A431PJ31X-A from Pulse is an alarm panel digital subscriber line filter for residences and small businesses with DSL and alarm systems. The Z-A431PJ31X-A isolates high-frequency DSL/HPN signals from low-frequency voice and data signals. This enables functionality of the alarm panel and the DSL service. The filter supports the line seizure and cut-line protection features of the alarm panel, providing reliable dial-out in case of an emergency. The filter connects in-line between the incoming phone line and the alarm panel interface.

Edevice introduces Interactive Vocal Server

The Interactive Vocal Server from eDevice controls equipment like heating thermostats, automated equipment controls and alarm systems from fixed or mobile telephones. The system is available as an internal module that can be integrated into the electronics boards or act as an external device that can be connected through the serial port of the equipment. Once installed the IVS connects directly to a standard phone jack and automatically answers incoming calls.

Zenitel USA adds STENTOFON

STENTOFON from Zenitel USA is a control room master station designed for business enterprises where a central control area needs to respond to, or accept calls from several locations. The unit features character alphanumeric display with backlight, and a full dialing keypad. It has four programmable single-touch keys with indicators, along with a microphone and loudspeaker.

For more information about this product, call Zenitel USA at 800-654-3140 or visit the company’s web site at