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Extreme CCTV’s EX30 IP Infrared Imager

Part of the Bosch Extreme CCTV series, EX30 IP Infrared Imager is the industry’s highest performance day-night networked IP camera, combining Extreme’s low-light imaging expertise and award-winning Black Diamond illumination with Bosch’s renowned IP technology and Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA). Built-in infrared produces high-quality images in low-light and no-light, ensuring optimized function of on-board analytics.

Optelecom-NKF, Inc.’s S-44

Optelecom-NKF’s new S-44 four-channel video server is the latest addition to the Siqura product line. Each channel can simultaneously transmit two MPEG-2/4 and one M-JPEG stream at full D1 resolution, for concurrent recording, live streaming and web viewing of video content. The S-44 supports both a single and a quad view using a standard web-browser. Its compact design allows up to 44 channels in a single 3RU chassis.

Extreme CCTV introduces EX82 Infrared Imager

The EX82 Infrared Imager powered by Black Diamond technology is a patented dual-sensor, dual-lens infrared imager that delivers outstanding daytime color and 250-foot High-Fidelity night vision (Detection-level surveillance). Fulfilling all four DCRI surveillance levels (detection, classification, recognition and identification), EX82's optimal performance occurs in Recognition-level surveillance at prime target distance of 150 feet. The EX82 Infrared Imager(TM) provides effective 24/7 imaging for critical applications including transit, defense, critical infrastructure and port security.

ASAP Security Services introduces CAM-V

CAM-V by ASAP Security Services is designed to help security managers move from job site to job site. The CAM-V features a rugged video DVD that controls four cameras at one time. The product operates on eight heavy-duty batteries and comes with an adjustable hitch for a multitude of vehicles. The product works with biometric devices, access control cards, proximity cards and gate locking systems.
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GVI's new outdoor cameras

GVI Security Solutions has introduced a new line of weather resistant, low- and no-light high-resolution bullet and IR cameras. The three new bullet cameras feature high resolution 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD image sensors with up to 550 lines of color and 580 lines of black and white resolution.
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TeleEye releases new features for TeleEye RX series

The TeleEye Group has announced a new set of features available on RX series components. A new remote keyboard control allows the user to control local operations without using the front panel of the DVR and the entire line of TeleEye DM speed domes. The DVRs can now also offer SMS event notification, and video extraction via DVD writer or USB Flash drive. Also, the number of alarm inputs on the four- and eight-channel models has been increased to 16.
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PureTech's PureActiv 8.0

PureTech introduces the newest version of its PureActiv Wide Area Video Surveillance software. PureActiv 8.0 brings all the command and control, video analytics and mapped based intrusion awareness that customers have come to expect from PureActiv, but it also includes object classification, improved map based tracking for land- and water-based intrusions, added behaviors, multi-floor camera GUI, new access control system interfaces, new camera and encoder drivers and enhanced DVR playback features.

Controlware's Cware Prime

Controlware, a supplier of networked video solutions and services, announces the release of Cware, an Advanced Next Generation Open Management Platform. Cware boasts entirely open architecture, enabling users to integrate both analog and digital components: i.e., analog cameras, IP cameras and codecs within an advanced and feature-rich platform. Users still using analog-based CCTV systems are able to easily integrate and benefit from the introduction of IP components into their networks without a loss of investment.

Arteco Vision's Arteco IVS

Arteco's IVS system is made of a combination of intelligent surveillance products that work together to create a proactive security solution for any size business or organization. The system uses a proprietary algorithm to identify abnormalities within a digital image such as movement within a controlled space. This allows the system to count and recognize objects, people and situations and will alert security personnel to take action and pre-empt potential situations.

Bosch releases public view monitor system

Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of security systems and components, is adding four models of public view monitor systems to its line of integrated closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems. Public view monitor systems are a proven theft deterrent in retail environments, watching unattended doors or stock areas where shrink takes a bite out of profits. The new systems, UMS-20S36 and UMS-20W39 Series, are equipped with a 20-inch LCD flat panel display and either a color or a wide dynamic range (WDR) camera with a varifocal auto iris lens.