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OzVison's Secure Network

OzVision Secure Network (OSN) delivers the first infrastructure for the Security Industry to provide secure remote services over IP networks. OSN delivers a complete suite of video services including: advanced verification, WAN-based storage, "look-in," and the industry's friendliest video portal. The network provides highly secure, plug-and-play, end-to-end connectivity. OzVision extends its Ozline family to include the Ozline 4IP, Ozline 2IP, and the Ozline 4 NVR (the first OzVision enhanced NVR for end-users).

KapLogic's Seer Digital Vision

Seer Digital Vision provides standard analog switcher functionality to DVRs and IP cameras. Digital video is displayed on digital monitors using typical camera-to-monitor style calls. The operator controls Seer with CCTV keyboards using standard CCTV commands. Aegis integrates seamlessly with Seer providing powerful graphical control and integration capabilities.
For more information, call KapLogic Corp. at 720-283-7501 or visit

Extreme CCTV's PX100 Speed Dome for Night Vision

Extreme CCTV's PX100 is the only pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) speed dome designed for absolute night-vision performance. Combined with SuperLED IR illuminators, the PX100 delivers 600 feet of high-resolution night vision at a full 30 fps. Featuring mechanical filter technology, the PX100 has a 23x LXR zoom module for vivid daytime color and superior performance under IR. The all-weather, vandal-resistant PX100 supports Pelco P or Pelco D.
For more information, call Extreme CCTV at 888-409-2288 or visit

Smartvue S2 MIMO Dome

The Smartvue S2 MIMO Dome offers long-range wireless in a vandal- and weather-resistant dome.For more information about this product call Smartvue at 615-296-0175 or visit

Vicon's KTX-4 Digital Video Server

Vicon announces a new addition to the ViconNet family, the KTX-4 Digital Video Server. This 4-channel, 120 fps digital video server is powered by ViconNet. It allows each KTX-4 to collect video from its analog inputs and send streamed video over the network for storage and viewing on ViconNet Network Video Recording Stations, creating a true IP video solution. ViconNet also powers each KTX-4 server with the ability to be remotely configured from other Kollector Elite recorders and PC workstations on the network.

Infinova's V3021 Mobile DVR

Infinova's V3021 Mobile DVR, a 4-channel DVR with H-264 video and G.722 audio compression technology that features remote access through TCP/IP protocols that only operates on 28 volts. It is shock resistant, easy to install and provides quadruplex functions--it simultaneously records, transmits and displays video while searching for archived video.
For more information, call Infinova at 888-685-2002 or visit


TheCZ16IRRC offers 84 LEDs provide 150 feet of illumination. With the aid of its remote control, the unit's motorized zoom feature (6mm to 96mm) can be done effortlessly. The CZ16IRRC is equipped with a high resolution Sony CCD chipset and is IP65 certified.
For more information, call COP-USA at 626-333-8866 or visit

Chance-i USA's DiViS-MPG12004LP

The DiViS-MPG12004LP is a four-channel hardware compression DVR board supporting real-time display and recording. It offers improved image quality with high resolution up to 704x480 and is designed for a low profile system in order to fit into the Micro ATX cases. Audio recording is available for each channel.
For more information, call Chance-i USA Corp. at 949-833-1010 or visit

Dynapel Systems' CloseView

DynaPel CloseView lets your PTZ track multiple objects. Capture the ID shot you need every time with CloseView from DynaPel. CloseView lets any PTZ camera track every moving object in the scene - not just the largest one. CloseView also incorporates video analytics that direct PTZ cameras to zoom in on tracked objects to provide clear identification. The multi-tracking capabilities are ideal for unattended video surveillance systems.
For more information, call Dynapel at 800-997-7934 or visit

BroadWare Technologies' BroadWare Application Server

The BroadWare Application Server (BAS) is an enterprise solution using non-proprietary hardware that enables organizations to quickly configure and effectively manage complex video applications. It meets the diverse needs of system administrators and operators by providing multiple web-based consoles to configure, manage, display and control video throughout a customer's IP network.