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MuxLab announces the Quad Video Balun, BNC

Designed for security video, the Quad Video Balun, BNC 500037 allows up to four analog CCTV cameras to be connected via one CAT-5 cable, thus replacing up to four coax cables. Used in pairs, the 500037 supports composite video up to 2,200 feet via CAT-5, when connected to an analog color monitor.
For more information about this product, call MuxLab at 514-905-0588 or visit

FLIR's Systems ThermoVision Integration Series

ThermoVision Integration Series is a surveillance camera system designed to fit inside the Pelco EH2508 enclosure--common power and video interfaces allow security professionals to add thermal imaging to existing or new systems. Based on FLIR's industry leading thermal imaging technology, TVIS thermal cameras sense the thermal radiation of objects and people in a scene.
For more information, call FLIR Systems at 888-747-3547 or visit

Cypress Computer Systems' RoboSentry

RoboSentry is a Remote Surveillance and Verification Platform (RSVP) designed to work in security, access control and building automation applications. Alarm verification, guard tour, automatic safety reports, facility mapping, visitor escort, random ID checking are just some of the many benefits. This robot is based on MobileRobots ARCS inside controls and software.
For more information, call Cypress Computer Systems at 800-807-2977 or visit

Armida Technologies' CameraController

The CameraController integrates multiple functionalities of converging surveillance in one affordable, easily deployable box. The CC includes the ability to plug in four cameras (analog, digital, wired or wireless), 802.11 connectivity and a fail-over capability to GPRS/CDMA. Armida's proprietary WAVE software provides reliable transmission of video while mitigating typical interference and degradation.
For more information, call Armida Technologies at 210-403-9242 or visit

AXIS 242S IV Video Server

AXIS 242S IV Video Server is a one-channel video server equipped with a digital signal processor exclusively for executing advanced intelligent video applications such as people counting and digital fence. This video server handles both video and audio analyses inside the video server, includes built-in motion detection, simultaneous motion JPEG and MPEG-4 and support for PTZ. It also has a complete set of security features, including multiple user-access levels, HTTPS encryption and IP address filtering.

Pelco's PelcoUTP

The PelcoUTP family of products can be used to connect cameras to DVRs, matrix switchers and video multiplexers, as well as to transport video signals from point to point in any application where coax is installed. The passive line of PelcoUTP products provides low-cost, quick and easy installation for short and medium-length runs. The active line of PelcoUTP products meets the needs of longer runs, while providing necessary line conditioning.
For more information, call Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit

DVTel's iSOC V5

DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V5 is the only open standards, IP-based security platform to unify video, audio, data, access control and alarm management functionality and requirements in one solution. The iSOC V5 comprises several core software elements including video and audio management, access control and visual analytics that create intelligence and differentiate it from commodity video management products. The iSOC includes DVTel's security grade line of IP cameras and Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT).

Richardson Electronics' Capture OmniScape

The Capture OmniScape replaces several conventional cameras, while maintaining 360-degree total surveillance with Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom technology and no moving parts. It offers four independent virtual PTZ controls.
For more information, call Richardson Electronics' Security Division at 800-722-2288 or visit

Samsung CCTV/GVI's Serenity One

The next-generation SerenityONE enterprise edition is a flexible and powerful enterprise-level multimedia management platform empowering organizations to integrate video, audio and data assets into precisely focused business intelligence for enhanced operational and security management.
For more information, call Samsung CCTV/GVI Security at 888 595 2288 or visit


Amseco's VDP-100 Digital Video People Counter is the first people counter of its kind and uses both a camera and a unique algorithm to accurately distinguish between multiple people entering or exiting at the same time. The VDP-100 is more accurate and easier to install than traditional reflector-based people counters and also allows the user to attach a monitor or video recording device for extra security purposes.
For more information, call AMSECO at 800-325-3936 or visit