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Vigitron's 6100 Series

Vigitron has announced a new line of UTP Active Transmitters and Receivers. The Vi6100 series supersedes the Vi6000, providing numerous enhancements and performance improvements. Vi6100 receivers extend the distance when using a passive balun by 33 percent, up to 4,000 feet and provide Automatic Gain Control (AGC), eliminating calibration. Single-, Eight- and 16-channel receivers feature isolated, multiple video outputs per input.
For more information, call Vigitron at 888-574-8942 or visit

TOA's multi-channel digital video recorders

TOA Electronics, Inc. has announced the introduction of a new line of multi-channel digital video recorders, the C-DR091 and C-DR161 Series. With 16 new models to choose from, this new series of digital video recorders offers several choices of high-capacity hard disk drives (80, 160, 320, and 600 GB) and optional DVD recorder for data storage and archiving.
For more information, call TOA Electronics at 800-733-7088 or visit

March Networks adds Powered IP Encoder

The 6316 Powered IP Encoder helps customers integrate up to 16 analog cameras into an all-IP video transmission, storage and management infrastructure. Using the latest industry standards the 6316 allows for a cost-effective all-IP solution that leverages a customer's infrastructure of analog cameras, CAT-5 cabling, and centralized IT storage servers. Contact March Networks for more details.
For more information about this product, call March Networks at 800-563-5564 or visit

IndigoVision offers IP video integrated analytics suite

IndigoVision has launched a suite of advanced analytics integrated within its complete end-to-end IP Video system. These algorithms run both in real-time on live video and also on recorded video using 'Control Center,' IndigoVision's enterprise video and alarm management software. IndigoVision's new analytics include: congestion detection, motion detection, abandoned object detection, counter flow, virtual tripwire, shape-based detection, object tracking and theft detection.

CCTV Imports adds Cinturon

CCTV Imports introduces its new Cinturon 16 channel networking DVR. The DVR 1612 has MPEG 4 compression and records and plays back up to 120 FPS. Owners receive added security assurance with benefits such as CD/RW, motion detection and email notification.
For more information, call CCTV Imports at 888-315-1219 or visit

Pelco unveils new DVR5100

The DVR5100 ushers in a new era in digital video recording, combining powerful search and export, easy operation, and video performance previously reserved for extremely high-end systems. For users who require the best possible picture, the best possible frame rate and the longest possible retention time, serious security begins with the DVR5100.
For more information, call Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit

AvaLAN Wireless's AW-H900

The AW-H900 from AvaLAN Wireless is an integrated, easy-to-install, long-range non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless tubular housing for fixed network cameras. With the penetration capabilities of the 900 MHz frequency, the system can transmit through 10 building walls or a grove of trees. Twelve non-overlapping 1.54 Mbps channels are available, providing a total of 18.5 Mbps of data rate site-wide.
For more information, call AvaLAN Wireless at 866-533-6216 or visit

GeoVision debuts video server

GeoVision's GV-Video Server can incorporate analog cameras into an IP surveillance solution. It digitizes analog video images into high quality MPEG4 ASP dual video streams and allows delivery and playback over Ethernet / Wi-fi network. Specifications: A/V channel: one / two; video-in: one / two; audio-in and audio-out: One or Two; Compression: MPEG4 ASP; Resolutions: D1, Half D1, CIF, QCIF; Frame rate: 30/25 FPS at D1; optional storage: NVR via USB 2.0; security: encrypted authentication.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America adds DVRs

Mitsubishi introduces the new DX-TL4500 Series of DVRs consisting of the DX-TL4516U 16-channel and DX-TL4509 9-channel standalone digital video recorders based on JPEG2000. Sharing many features with Mitsubishi's high spec DX-TL5000U DVR, the units are smaller in size and yet offer an array of advanced features critical in today's security market.
For more information about this product, call Mitsubishi Digital Electronics at 949-465-6338 or visit

Sony's NSR series

Sony Electronics' NSR-100, NSR-50 and NSR-25 network surveillance recorders for multi-camera monitoring, recording and playback are suitable for a wide range of IP security applications at banks, retail outlets, transportation centers and offices. The NSR-100 recorder has a storage capacity of 1 TB, while the NSR-50 recorder has a storage capacity of 500 GB. The NSR-25 recorder is preconfigured with a storage capacity of 250 GB,.
For more information, call Sony Electronics at 800-686-7669 or visit