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3VR Security's 3VR v5.0

3VR v5.0 is an Intelligent Video Management appliance that combines facial biometrics, advanced video recording capabilities, a searchable database, and motion and object analytics to deliver physical security. 3VR v5.0 allows 3VRs to be "networked" to share databases, watch lists and alerts within facilities or across geographies.
For more information, call 3VR Security at 415-495-5790 or visit

Security Cameras Direct offers CFC6500VF

Security Cameras Direct unveils the CFC6500VF, which can see and illuminate 492 feet in total darkness at an economical price. It uses the latest generation super high output IR LED's and a Sony high resolution chipset to give long range recognition. The unit has a built-in mechanical cut filter to moves off of the CCD whenever the IR LED's are activated to ensure total nightime viewing. DC and AC versions are available.

For more information, call Security Cameras Direct at 800-316-6027 or visit

Pelco unveils new DVR5100

The DVR5100 ushers in a new era in digital video recording, combining powerful search and export, easy operation, and video performance previously reserved for extremely high-end systems. For users who require the best possible picture, the best possible frame rate and the longest possible retention time, serious security begins with the DVR5100. For more information, call Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit

Hirsch Electronics debuts Velocity Security Management System Version 3.0

Hirsch Electronics introduces Velocity 3.0. Velocity's role-based access control delivers role-based privileges and sophisticated alarm routing. Velocity provides award-winning access control, video integration, alarm monitoring and badging, and supports smart card readers, biometrics, and more. Identity management and FIPS 201 capabilities are provided end-to-end. Velocity's XML enables interoperability with backend systems such as HR, provisioning, or building controls. The Hirsch system is IT-centric, highly secure, and scaleable to even the largest organizations.

Extreme CCTV unveils Moondance ExD

Moondance ExD, by Extreme CCTV, is an explosion-protected, vandal-proof PTZ speed dome designed for surveillance in hazardous locations. Moondance's innovative and robust machined metal ball design makes it a tough and versatile explosion-protected PTZ camera available. Moondance features 320* tilt to capture surveillance images from both directly above and below the camera, eliminating the blind spots typical to conventional PTZ cameras.

For more information, call 888-409-2288 or visit

Milestone's XProtect Central 3.1

Milestone Systems introduces XProtect Central 3.1, an add-on product to XProtect Enterprise 5.6 servers, that ensures maximum operation of video surveillance installations by providing operational status and alarm notification. For more information, call Milestone Systems at 503-906-7910 or visit

Stanley Security Solutions releases IntelligentVideo software

Stanley Security Solutions announces the release of pioneering real-time digital video content analysis software called Stanley IntelligentVideo. The software recognizes, analyzes and classifies information in live and captured video. In doing so, StanleyIntelligentVideo extends the capabilities of digital video recording and surveillance by providing intelligence, automation, efficiency and cost savings. The latest generation of digital video content analysis software, Stanley IntelligentVideo features new, advanced events and filters and interface enhancements.

iOmniscient launches IQ-Infinity

Omnicient introduces IQ-Infinity, a comprehensive intelligent surveillance application, incorporating patented non-motion detection with highly advanced video motion detection capabilities including: abandoned object detection in a crowd, theft detection in a crowd, graffiti and vandalism detection in a crowd, crowd and congestion management, perimeter protection and intruder detection, counting and behavior analysis.

For more information, call iOmniscient at 888-218-3338 or visit

Brivo Systems integrates DVR/CCTV

Brivo Systems, a provider of web applications for access control and security systems, announces that they have recently integrated digital video recording and CCTV with the Brivo ACS WebService application. This initial release integrates with two products from Dedicated Micros, the Digital Sprite 2 (DS2) and the DV-IP Server (DV-IP).

For more information, call Brivo Systems at 866-692-7486, or visit

GE Security introduces GE Picture Perfect v4

Picture Perfect v4 Enterprise Access Control and Security Management System integrates access control, alarm monitoring and photo ID credentialing with new value-added platform extensions that include web-based reporting, visitor management and digital video surveillance. The web-deployable Java thin client is compatible with existing IT infrastructures, including Windows.

For more information, call GE Security at 888-GE-SECURITY or visit