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JVC Professional introduces IP dome camera

The VN-C655U from JVC Professional is an indoor or outdoor dome camera with a built in web server. The camera communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network. It offers 360-degree rotation functionality and has 100 preset positions to pinpoint a location or object. The VN-C655U has low-light capability enabling the camera to capture images in light levels as low as .06 lux. It features an auto panning, and an auto tour, which can follow up to 100 presets at pre-determined intervals.

Elmo offers dome camera

Elmo’s PTC-400C dome camera features a 210 degree tilt that positions everything in the center of the extended surveillance area and flips the picture. The picture is always right side up. The camera has a sweeping horizontal coverage of 350 degrees. Its optical system combined with advanced high-resolution circuitry delivers clear video in a variety of lighting environments. The unit has up to 16 pre-set positions and eight speed settings.

Sanyo reveals the “Tiger,” network enabled DVR

The DSR-5016 from Sanyo is a DRV video management platform coded the “Tiger.” The system offers JPEG2000 technology, which features, progressive compression for network transmission of images and region of interest for targeted detailed compression. This technology enables the recorder to compress video with smaller file sizes, less block noise and improved image quality. The unit has a 120 ips high-speed engine for recording and playback. Up to four users, can take part in simultaneous playback. The DSR-5016 has a variety of storage options and capability.

Matco releases IRC-490C

The IRC-490C from Matco is an infrared weatherproof day and night color camera. The camera is equipped with six patented long-range IR lights, which work in 0.00 lux for a visible distance up to 500 feet. The unit employs a Sony 1/3 inch Super HAD CCD color sensor with high resolution at 480 TVL. The IRC-490C is suited for outdoor long distance surveillance.
For more information about this product, call Matco at 847-202-0010 or visit the company's web site at

Kowa unveils security lenses

The LMZ750AM and LMZ375AM series from Kowa are motorized zoom lenses. The lenses can be paired with any 1/2-inch color or black and white CCTV camera. The LMZ750AM offers a 30-750 millimeter focal length and the LMZ375AM has a 15-375 millimeter focal length. These lenses have F/4.6 and F/2.3 optics, which can be used in low-light conditions. The series offers a 3-Cam zoom mechanism.
For more information about this product, call Kowa at 800-966-5692 or visit the company's web site at

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics offers DX-TL910U

The DX-TL910U is a digital video recorder with built in networking. It has a recording speed of 60 pictures per second. The system has a nine camera multiplexer and supports up to nine camera inputs and looping outputs. The DX-TL910U features recording settings to optimize storage capacity, built in motion detection as well as support for independent regular and alarm recording of grade and PPS.

LiLin USA CCTV offers PRH-5480 IR housing

The PRH-5480 IR housing from LiLin USA CCTV adopts seventeen power IR LEDs.
The PRH-5480 offers an integrated mounting bracket for cable management and an adjustable IR LED activation.
The housing comes with a heater and blower assembly for most outdoor environments. The unit accepts a variety of cameras.
For more information about this product, call LiLin USA at 888-287-8686 or visit the company's web site at