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Integral announces Digital SENTRY 4.0

Integral Technologies has released the newest version of its DigitalSENTRY video management system software, 4.0. New functions include support for IP PTZ and MPEG-4 cameras and seamless integration into Integral's DS RealVue products and all DigitalSENTRY product modules.
Based on the Windows XP Pro operating system, DigitalSENTRY 4.0 features include Easy Evidence, DVD+RW support, and support for up to eight IP devices per DVMS along with analog devices.

Nexvision first with new TI chip

Nexvision, a French manufacturer of IP network video security solutions, announced recently the new Nexdome Dragonfly, which uses a dual-core TMS320DM644x architecture based on DaVinci technology from Texas Instruments. The DaVinci technology allows for integration into existing surveillance systems for the domed camera. It measures 13 cm by 13 cm and features a 360-degree immersive lens on a high-resolution five megapixel CMOS sensor.
For more information about this product, visit Nexvision at

Dedicated Micros releases DV-IP Decoder

Dedicated Micros has released the DV-IP Decoder to enhance its NetVu Connected range of products by offering the capability to view live video from the DV-IP Server, DV-IP ATM, New DS2 and TransVu, and is an integral component of Dedicated Micros' new Pick-a-Point video matrix solution. Each decoder supports five CCTV monitors, facilitating a viable space saving approach to building video walls in control rooms. Using the network as a transport mechanism, video and audio from multiple sites can be viewed seamlessly across CCTV monitors.

Toshiba's new camera built for difficult backlighting environment

Toshiba's new IK-6550A camera offers four user-selectable backlight compensation modes that meet the requirements of many backlit environments, adding details to video images by improving contrast, brightness and sharpness. Employing a .33-inch IT CCD, this box-style camera delivers 540 lines of TV resolution and low-light sensitivity to .2 Lux. It also features an automatic shutter, digital noise reduction, 50dB signal-to-noise ratio, and menu-programmable operation.

Talk-a-Phone releases emergency tower with built-in surveillance

Talk-a-Phone's new ETP-MT/R OPT-5 Radius Emergency Phone Tower features an integrated AD Delta dome camera that can be programmed to automatically activate when the tower's emergency/information phone button is pressed. It is vandal-resistant, ADA-compliant, and allows security personnel to maintain visual and auditory communication with remote locations.
For more information about this product, call Talk-a-Phone at 773-539-1100 or visit

Digimerge's new network DVRs

Digimerge Technologies has announced the introduction of its new DHT Series Triplex Network Digital Video Recorders, offering four-, nine-, and 16-channel models. The series offers a USB interface, MJPEG video compression, 60FPS recording, two hard drives for up to 600 GB of storage, and a handheld remote contoller.
For more information about this product, call Digimerge at 866-344-4674 or visit

Mace introduces hi-res day/night color zoom dome

Mace Security International has released a new line of professional cameras, including the MSP-CAM-100, a high-resolution, day/night, color, zoom dome camera. If features at 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD chip, 480 TV lines of resolution, 22x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom and toggling auto and manual focus mode. It comes in an impact-resistant aluminum body with RS-485 Pelco-D interface remote.
For more information about this product, call Mace Security International at 954-449-1313 or visit the company's web site at

Risco unveils SynopSYS

SynopSYS is an integrated security and building management solution that enables completely integrated site management and control via drag-and-drop based synoptic maps. It is designed for commercial and public buildings, complexes and distributed organizations. Functions include control of access control, digital video surveillance, fire and flood detection as well as HVAC and elevators. SynopSYS uses Universal Plug & Play protocol, which allows easy integration of any UPnP device.

Cyberview releases new DVR with keyboard

Cyberview Technology has released the new CV9300 DVR, combining a compact mechanism with operation via a multi-keyboard, designed to meet the needs of the small- to medium-sized enterprise market. It also offers a smart search function that allows search of 1023 events without stopping recording, three-person simultaneous access and a Dynamic Domain Name Server capability. Real-time display is possible at 480 frames per second (NTSC), with real-time recording at 120 frames per second (NTSC), slightly fewer with PAL.

Stealth Laboratories' new 12V DC CCTV Power Supplies

Stealth Laboratories has released a new JR-1200DC series of multi-output camera power supplies, available in four-, eight-, and 16-output configurations. A new offline design eliminates the bulky and heavy open-frame transformer, allowing the product to be smaller and lighter than traditional comera power supplies. A six-foot power cord is supplied, ready attached.
For more information about this product, call Stealth Laboratories at 800-360-4146 or visit