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Digimerge unveils DHT Series NVRs

Digimerge Technologies' new DHT Series (Triplex) Network DVRs are offered in four-, nine- and 16-channel configurations, with 600 GB of storage, a built-in 3.5"-inch LCD display and a USB interface. They also offer handheld remote control, MJPEG compression and as high as 60 FPS recording.
For more information about this product, call Digimerge Technologies at 866-344-4674 or visit

APEM introduces 9000 Series joysticks

APEM components, a manufacturer of miniature and industrial switches, switch panel products and industrial controls, has released its panel-mount 9000 Series joysticks. They have been designed specifically for long-life performance in a low-profile package. The joysticks operate using inductive sensing and monitoring circuitry, ensuring accurate operation and control. With its "Locking Cam" system, the joystick offers self-centering and omni-directional functionality.

SIS releases Video Integration Module

Security Information System, a developer of automation software systems, has released the Video Integration Module for their central station software, Alarm Center for Windows. The new module utilizes existing data networks to allow operators to view pre and post events along with live continuous video concurrent with an alarm dispatch. It can be integrated with the single, mini-network and multi-user versions of the Alarm Center module.

Video Domain presents Offsite Visual Storage

Video Domain Technologies has released its remote visual management solution, called Offsite Visual Storage, which uses MemoCam technology to transmit video clips of events automatically to a storage server in a secure environment. Events can then be reviewed on any PC at anytime, over the Internet. The system can be configured to supply automatic email notifications with or without video attachments, and the notifications can be grouped by camera and time-frame.

Audiotel announces new eavesdropping device detector

Audiotel, a maker of electronic eavesdropping countermeasures, has released the Artemis, a derivative of the DetectIV, with new antenna design that overcomes the polarization effects of RF signals, improving detection speed.
For more information about this product, call Audiotel at +44-1536-266677 or visit

Vicon's new DVR

Vicon Industries has released the VDR-208, an eight-channel unit compatible with the VDR-204. The new DVR is suited for CCTV users who have a smaller system and require an easy-to-use, yet high-quality, recorder. It is operated and controlled by front panel controls, with the benefit of additional remote PC access over the network using the provided VDR software. The DVR has eight looping outputs, one spot monitor output, one audio input, eight sensor inputs and one alarm output.

MDI releases ViewPoint V20-2025

MDI Security Systems' new ViewPoint V20-2050 features a new on-screen display chipset which can be adjusted via handheld spot monitor, three-axis lens mounts, 520 TV lines of resolution and Japanese lenses. It also offers built-in day/night functions, dual-voltage capabilities and a vandal-resistant dome housing. The camera comes with a five-year warranty.
For more information about this product, call MDI Security Systems at 866-435-7635 or visit

Honeywell launches new day/night camera

Honeywell has introduced the HCD484E, a day/night camera, featuring a movable IR cut filter for optimum performance in the daytime or nighttime. It can be used indoors or paired with the HHC12 Series of environmental housings for outdoor use. The IR cut filter is in front of the image sensor during the day for true color rendition and at night is removed to take advantage of increased infrared sensitivity. The changeover from day to night is controlled by internal logic based on scene illumination, an external light sensor or RS485 communication port.

Axis unveils camera with one-click pan-tilt zoom

Axis Communications will in July release the Axis 212 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera, for indoor surveillance. The camera incorporates a digital PTZ device that provides one-click pan/tilt/zoom functionality and automatic patrolling without wear and tear on moving parts. It is suited for areas less than 500 square feet, has a three-megapixel sensor and a wide-angle lens and provides simultaneous motion JPEG and MPEG-4 compression. It also features two-way audio, with a built-in microphone, and Power over Ethernet.

TOA's new N-8000 IP Network intercom products

TOA Electronics has expanded its N-8000 Series IP Network Intercom System with two new outdoor substations. Teh Q-N8540WP outdoor IP substation and the Q-N8050WP outdoor substation are both designed with silicon-coated circuit boards to withstand extreme temperatures. Both are IP44 rated, with the 8540 connecting via 10/100Base TX and the 8050 offering two-wire connection to the N-8000EX or N-8010EX exchange.
For more information about this product, call TOA Electronics at 650-588-2538 or visit