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OzVision launches Secure Network

OzVision Secure Network is an Internet-based, hosted video monitoring network that attempts to solve the CCTV and intrusion integration challenge. It provides remote monitoring capabilities with real-time access for business or home owners through SecureView, a branded portal from which subscribers can view, record, retrieve and control monitoring settings through a browser-based application, without having to install a client. This allows central stations to apply OzVision's hosted service model to capture new customers.

Cernium releases Perceptrak 4.0

Video analytic manufacturer Cernium has announced a new release of its flagship intelligent video system, Perceptrak. Version 4.0 expands the capabilities of Cernium's 3.0-series with new customer-driven features such as simplified setup and reconfiguration, expanded IP-camera compatibility and "edge of the network" bandwidth management options. Perceptrak is driven by Cernium's patented Perception Based Analytics technology, which mimics the human vision process to offer efficient video analysis.

KM Baluns puts keyboard and mouse on one CAT-5

The KM01 Passive Keyboard Mouse CAT-5 Extender, from KM Baluns, allows PS/2 keyboard and mouse to be connected via four pairs of CAT-5 UTP cable up to 300 feet. Working together with the VGA Balun TTP111VGA, the KM01 Balun is designed for using the keyboard and mouse that remote control the DVR or PC, distant from the control site.
For more information about this product, call Foresight CCTV at 416-512-6288 or visit the company's web site at

Moxa releases VPort 3310 Video Server

Moxa Networking's Industrial Video Server VPort is a one-channel video server, compressing at MPEG4 and featuring DIN-Rail Mounting capability, 24 VDC redundant power inputs and IP30 protection to meet the requirements of industrial environments. An extended temperature model, the 3310-T, can operate between -40C and 75C. The server also provides audio communication, RTSP streaming, multicast streaming protocol-IGMP and SNMP network management function.

Sensoray adds to 2600 series of I/O modules

With the 2652, Sensoray has released an I/O module that monitors and controls up to eaight solid state relays via a single CAT-5 patch cable connected to a 2601 communication module. To help minimize errors from electromechanical switch bounce, the 2652 applies a software debounce filter to each input SSR. Five independent interlock circuits allow external circuitry, such as an emergency stop switch, to unconditionally de-energize an output SSR.

Rainbow CCTV unveils pint-size portable DVR

No larger than a "pack of cigarettes," Rainbow CCTV's new DVC128 portable DVR with built-in high-resolution camera records using a 128 MB flash memory, which can be optimized in motion detection mode. It supports both NTSC and PAL, resuming recording automatically after power loss. Power input is 12VDC, but the DVR can be powered also with four AA batteries.
For more information about this product, call Rainbow CCTV at 800-654-5367 or visit

Matrox now supports three monitors at once

With the TripleHead2Go, Matrox Graphics now offers a product which connects directly to a PC's monitor output, causing the operating system to treat TripleHead2Go like a monitor supporting resolutions three times as wide as standard resolutions. The resulting displays show the left, center and right portions of the "monitor."
For more information about this product, call Matrox at 800-361-1408 or visit the company's web site at

Extreme adds two license plate cameras with DHC imaging

Extreme CCTV International has released two new models of REG cameras. Both feature DHC imaging for high-contrast images, providing enhanced capability for the patented REG, a popular license-capture device. The REG-M1 is designed for mounting on vehicles, or "cruise & catch" applications. The REG-D1 integrates an overview camera that helps determine vehicle make, color and model.
For more information about this product, call Extreme CCTV at 604-420-7711 or visit the company's web site at

APEM offers new RoHS compliant momentary push-button switches

APEM Components, a manufacturer of miniature and industrial switches, has a new RoHS compliant 1400N Series of momentary push-button switches. They feature a square plunger and a snap-in housing for fast installation. They also have double-break contacts, for maximum efficiency and safety. They are available in NO, NC and change-over contact configurations, and provide 10,000 cycles of life in operating temperatures from -20 C to 55 C.
For more information about this product, call APEM Components at 978-372-1602 or visit

Integral announces new DigitalSENTRY software

Integral Technologies has released version 4.0 of its DigitalSENTRY Digital Video Management Systems software. With it, users will experience new support for IP PTZ and MPEG-4 cameras. This version not only powers the company's latest DS RealVue products, but also integrates with all of Integral's existing DigitalSENTRY product modules. It is based on the Windows XP Pro operating system.
For more information about this product, call Integral Technologies at 317-845-9242 or visit