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Privaris’ plus ID 75

PlusID 75 is a multi-functional personal biometric security token that leverages Bluetooth™ technology for secure wireless logon to computers and other IT resources. PlusID 75 features on-device fingerprint storage and matching, and an added layer of encryption for heightened security during Bluetooth transmission. The device identifies itself to PCs exactly like a smart card, providing a fast and simple upgrade – no additional middleware or equipment required – and is compatible with existing PACS for physical access.

Identica’s Universal Controller and T-Module

New product enhancements have been made: The Universal Controller and T-Module offer a number of enhancements to a biometric technology that offers significant benefits over tradtional fingerprint or iris solutions, especially in the outdoors.

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E-datacollect releases biometric reader

The Fingerprint Key from e-datacollect is a biometric fingerprint reader sealed in a NEMA IP64 rated enclosure.
The product can store up to 6,000 templates and can transfer these templates via a LAN/WAN connection to any other fingerprint reader on the access control system, eliminating the need to enroll system users at each reader. Supporting 1:1 verification mode, the Fingerprint Key comes with a sensor touch keypad or an internal iCLASS Smart Card reader option.
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Hirsch Electronics rolls out verification station

The Hirsch Verification Station model RUU-201 confirms the identity of a cardholder to a personal identity verification card. The Verification Station supports a variety of identity verification modes including HSPD-12 FIPS 201.
The unit includes a Hirsch ScramblePad, contact and contactless smart card readers and biometric fingerprint reader. Use at card issuance, for remote standalone or networked verification, for enrollment to a Hirsch Velocity Physical Access Control System and as a door access reader.

3VR Security's 3VR v5.0

3VR v5.0 is an Intelligent Video Management appliance that combines facial biometrics, advanced video recording capabilities, a searchable database, and motion and object analytics to deliver physical security. 3VR v5.0 allows 3VRs to be "networked" to share databases, watch lists and alerts within facilities or across geographies.
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ImageWare Systems introduces

IWS Disaster Management IWS Disaster Management is a feature-rich disaster identity management solution suite that incorporates ImageWare's Biometric Engine and Identity Management technologies for the secure credentialing of first responders and volunteers, biographical and biometric identification of displaced victims, as well as the ability to conduct comprehensive biometric and text-based searches to help identify missing and deceased victims. IWS Disaster Management operates at any scale, from state and local to regional, national and international disaster levels.

Id-Confirm unveils portable biometric

Id-confirm introduced a portable biometric identity verification system called SecureLink that provides privacy-sensitive methods to prevent identity theft and fraud.
The technology uses multi-factor authentication in a handheld device that includes the biometric software, hardware and services into an integrated, end-to-end turnkey solution. A fingerprint reader is used as the personal enrollment device.
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Saflok streamlines front desk system

Saflok introduces Desklinc, which offers the flexibility and function of a large property, front desk system with smart/memory card capability.
Desklinc converts employee keycards into a device that stores/carries and downloads information from the lock, enabling lock audit information, staff access and lock error codes to be tagged onto smart cards.
Locks may also be interrogated and programmed with special smart cards so users will not be required to load and carry a special device to the lock.

A4 Vision offers reader/pin pad

A4 Vision launched its new Vision Access 3D Face Reader. The device is the company's first sub-second facial identification/verification reader that incorporates a touch screen option to accommodate pin and 3D facial biometric access in one product.
The LCD screen provides active feedback to users indicating optimal positioning for fast identification.
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Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Reader

Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Reader offers system enrollment and confirmation ease with a two-camera, one-glance authentication design. It has manual tilt capability and an advanced self-prompted user guidance system. It also features Wiegand output, UL294 built-in and off the shelf support for 13.56 MHz HID iClass readers.
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