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ekey LOGON

Whether it be for personal banking and online purchases or for commercial networks with multiple users, ekey LOGON ensures that the correct individual has access rather than any individual who has knowledge of a password. Using one's unique fingerprint measurements, ekey makes an electronic passcode that cannot be copied or shared, ensuring privacy and security. Ekey LOGON integrates with Windows' active directory to replace passwords with a finger swipe. For more information, call ekeyUSA Systems at 941-782-1227 or visit

A4Vision's Vision Access 3D Face Reader

The Vision Access 3D face reader is commonly used to control physical access to buildings and entrances. The reader was designed for quick and easy user positioning which is accomplished with an LCD and audio feedback. This makes it very simple for the user to get into the correct position for the reader to quickly capture the optimal image. The integrated LCD is now available with touch screen PIN pad functionality for verification at access locations.
For more information, call A4Vision at 408-446-1133 or visit

Cogent Systems' Mobile Ident II

Mobile Ident II is Cogent's most compact and lightweight wireless fingerprint identification/authentication device. Mobile Ident allows users to download a database of suspect fingerprints for local onboard searches or, with GPRS wireless communication capability, Mobile Ident can submit AFIS NIST format files via SMTP or FTP to a remote server or AFIS DB for real-time identification. Using the integrated contact/contactless smart card readers, it can also execute one-to-one authentication on device.

ekeyUSA launches biometric fingerprint keyless entry

TOCAnet from ekeyUSA is a keyless entry and access control system for homeowners.
The unit enrolls members with a swipe of a finger. Once enrolled members can enter designated areas. Users can enroll and delete users instead of giving out keys and codes. The reader is available for inside or outside use. This is a second-generation TOCA product line. Systems range from basic home systems to networked residential and customized commercial applications.

Keri Systems releases biometric reader

The BioPointe fingerprint reader from Keri Systems stores 720 user templates in memory while the optional extended memory units holds 4,400 templates. The unit has Wiegand output and can be paired with the company's PXL-500W Tiger Controller or any other manufacturer's Wiegand-compatible controller. When multiple readers are employed in a system, they can be connected via an RS-485 network so that fingerprint templates can be shared from the enrollment reader to other readers.

Cogent launches Search-Gate

Search-Gate from Cogent offers a customizable biometric physical access control device supporting a variety of access control environments. The unit is supported by Cogent’s proprietary SecurARM ASIC chip. It stores more than 1,200 templates on the unit and has 500 fingerprints per second matching speed.
For more information about this product, call Cogent at 626-799-8090 or visit the company’s web site at

Oki Electric introduces automatic iris camera

The IRISPASS-M iris recognition camera from Oki Electric is a biometric technology that has an automated dual iris capture. The camera has reduced recognition times. It has visual indicators and programmable voice guidance commands. The unit conforms to BioAPIP2, the international standard for interfacing to biometric devices and PrivateID, the iris recognition interoperability protocol created by Iridian Technologies.
For more information about this product, call Oki Electric at 856-222-7016 or visit the company's web site at

Recognition Systems provides biometric finger scanner reader

Recognition Systems' FingerKey DX-2200 biometric finger scanners offer reading proximity and magnetic stripe cards, but also feature optional integrated HID iCLASS contactless smart card readers.
The unit stores users' ID numbers and fingerprint templates to eliminate distributing templates across a network or make access control systems manage templates.
For more information about this product, call Recognition Systems at 866-861-2480 or visit the company's web site at

Accu-Time Systems launches Cyber Series Finger Geometry Terminal

The biometric Cyber Series Finger Geometry Terminal from Accu-Time Systems is a time and data collection terminal using geometry for recognition of individuals. It has a display of four lines 20-character and backlit super-twist LCD.
For more information about this product, call Accu-Time Systems at 860-870-5000 or visit the company's web site at

ekeyUSA launches fingerprint access control line

The TOCAnet from ekey enables users to control multiple entries and multiple users, as well as day and time frames of entry. The system can be operated from a remote location. An enrolled user swipes his or her finger across a reader, if the template is a match, then access is allowed. The application can be used to operate a front door and also garage doors.
For more information about this product, call ekeyUSA at 941-782-1227 or visit the company's web site at