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International Electronics unveils BioRead 1000

BioRead 1000 from International Electronics is a fingerprint access system designed for small stand-alone applications. The reader can hold up to 90 templates and add or delete users with a hand-held programmer. The BioRead features a separate door controller for increased security in stand-alone applications. It also has an option for Wiegand output.
For more information about this product, call International Electronics at 800-343-9502 or visit the company's web site at

HID & Bio-key debut new biometric security solutions

HID Corp. and Bio-key International, are introducing advancements in biometric security with new solutions combining HID card and BIO-key biometric technologies.

The HID/Bio-key solution stores a unique identifier on the card, and uses a backend server to perform the final authentication. By placing the biometric templates on a centralized server, all authentications, permissions for authorization, and security logging and monitoring can be easily handled. If a card is lost or stolen, a new card can be generated without doing a new biometric enrollment.

NextgenID introduces BioAxs 9800

NextgenID Ltd. introduces BioAxs 9800, a biometric face and fingerprint recognition access control system.

As a user approaches a door secured with a BioAxs 9800, they identify themselves to the system by either entering a pin code or via proximity card or magnetic swipe card. Once the user is identified, they are allowed to enter the facility.

The BioAxs 9800 is available in flush mount or surface mount designs.

For more information, call 210-494-5399, or visit

IR Systems features HandReader

IR Recognition Systems new HandReader hand geometry readers now are fully integrated with HID’s iClass read/write contactless smart cards.

Providing a combination of the best of smart cards and biometrics, the IR Recognition Systems solution provides dual authentication by requesting both the right card and right person.

An iClass contactless smart card reader comes embedded into the IR Recognition Systems HandReader.

A plastic cardholder is affixed to the side of the unit, enabling single hand operation.

Recognition Source announces RS485 protocol

Recognition Source announces the completion of software for an open protocol RS485 interconnect between its panel interface modules and every brand of hardware and software platform using hand-geometry readers.

The software now allows a connection between RS485 bus and Wyreless Access Panel Interface Modules.

The connection to RS485 bus allows door controls to increase to 16 from two, while decreasing the number of wall-mounted boxes to one from eight.

AuthenTec unveils biometric fingerprint slide sensor for wireless devices

AuthenTec is introducing the new EntréPadT AES2500, a fingerprint slide sensor featuring TruePrint Technology.

The AES2500 is designed to fit most wireless devices, and is based on AuthenTec’s patented subsurface TruePrint Technology. This allows fingerprints to be read below the surface of the skin, thereby eliminating any acquisition or recognition failures relating to contamination such as dirt, grime, dry skin or excessive moisture - issues that are problematic with surface imaging fingerprint sensors.

IEI’s BioRead fingerprint access control system integrates biometric enro

IEI’s new Secured Series BioRead fingerprint access control system integrates both access control and biometric enrollment software. For end-users and dealers, this eliminates the hassle of launching multiple software applications to program and manage a PC based biometric access control system.

The BioRead fingerprint system features BioMatch technology. Up to four fingerprint templates for each user are stored on a contact-less Mifare Smart Card. The reader looks to match the presented fingerprint to a template on the Smart Card before permitting entry.

IR Recognition debuts HandKey II

IR Recognition Systems HandKey II access control readers and HandPunch time and attendance terminals support BioAPI, the widely available and accepted application program interface that serves as a “plug-and-play” standard for biometric technologies. RSI is the first hand geometry vendor to offer BioAPI support.

For more information, call IR Recognition Systems at 408-341-4100 or visit

Siedle introduces AcSys Biometrics

Siedle Communications Systems has introduced its AcSys Biometrics Face Recognition System. AcSys is designed to recognize human faces in multiple applications under challenging environmental conditions. It is capable of recognizing up to four individuals simultaneously. The system is based on the Holographic/Quantum Neural Tech-nolgy, which mimics the analytical processes of the human mind and does not rely on measurements for recognition.

For more information, call Siedle at 800-874-3353 or visit

Parco, Akoura team for wireless biometric solution

Parco Wireless and Akoura Biometrics have teamed to present the Spectral Biometrics Card, which combines recently FCC-approved PAL650 ultra-wideband radio tag, supplied by Parco, and biometric authentication, supplied by Akoura.

The resulting product allows users to be biometrically authenticated, with information embedded on an ID card transmitted securely via Parco’s ultra-wideband solution. The cards are scheduled for availability in 2004.

For more information, contact Akoura Biometrics at 216-421-3653 or visit