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XceedID and Cogent Systems offer SmartGateX

The SmartGateX from XceedID is a fingerprint reader for smartcard applications. The system features a one to one biometric template authentication. When a card is presented to the reader, a finger is also placed on the reader’s fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint template is authenticated at the reader after the reader compares the live fingerprint with data from the card. Under the agreement, XceedID will incorporate its RFID technology into the Cogent SmartGate fingerprint reader.

iAccess Systems adds blood vessel authentication system

The VA100, blood vessel authentication system is a biometric identity and access management device that uses a pin number and the unique image of the blood vessel pattern in a finger for registration and authentication. The image is created using near infrared light and a CCD camera. The system can authenticate an individual with a false acceptance rate of one in one million.
For more information about this product, call iAccess at 562.490.3112 or visit the company’s web site at

Shimon Systems Inc. and Texas Instruments team up to offer BIO-EM

Shimon Systems’ Fingerscan Biometric Embedded Module is a fingerprint recognition module that authenticates users by capturing, converting, storing and matching user’s fingerprint images. The module is a standalone solution based on Texas Instrument’s digital signal processor. The BIO-EM is a flexible module for embedded application that consists of two boards that have DSP, memory, DC-DC power supply circuits, a USB connecter and LEDs.