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TheCZ16IRRC offers 84 LEDs provide 150 feet of illumination. With the aid of its remote control, the unit's motorized zoom feature (6mm to 96mm) can be done effortlessly. The CZ16IRRC is equipped with a high resolution Sony CCD chipset and is IP65 certified.
For more information, call COP-USA at 626-333-8866 or visit

Richardson Electronics' Capture OmniScape

The Capture OmniScape replaces several conventional cameras, while maintaining 360-degree total surveillance with Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom technology and no moving parts. It offers four independent virtual PTZ controls.
For more information, call Richardson Electronics' Security Division at 800-722-2288 or visit

Seco-larm's IR Day/Night Camera

Seco-larm offers a new long-range IR day/night camera with 24 IR LEDs. The EV-1323C12DWL is for use in various lighting conditions. Made of die-cast aluminum, with a unique weatherproof design with sunscreen, it is designed for indoor and outdoor applications requiring long-distance IR illumination up to 80 feet.
For more information, call Seco-larm at 800-662-0800, or visit

Wizkid's WZ46ZN with Omega Technology

The WZ46ZN is a vandal-resistant varifocal fixed dome with Omega LEDs for 40 feet of evenly distributed active-infrared night vision. Using WizKid's new Z2 1/3" CCD, the WZ46ZN delivers color images by day and night vision performance under zero lux conditions. It offers 4-8mm auto-iris lens, local video out for portable LCDs, and pan-tilt-twist gimbals. For more information, call Wizkid at 866-678-6832 or visit

ACTi's CAM-7100

The CAM-7100 MPEG-4 IP Rugged Dome from ACTi adopts MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) compliant compression technology to produce DVD-like high-resolution video. It utilizes the premium 1/3" SONY SuperHAD color CCD sensor, and has horizontal resolution of 480 TV lines. The real-time image transmission is 30 fps (720 x 480 pixels, NTSC) and 25 fps (720 x 576 pixels, PAL).
For more information, call ACTi at 866-410-2284 or visit

EverFocus Electronics Corp. launches DVRs

EverFocus Electronics Corp.'s new line of the EDR920, EDR1620, and EDR1640 are full featured, robust and easy to use MPEG4 DVRs. All three DVRs feature high res MPEG4 recording at variable rates of up to 480FPS, and come TCP/IP ready for remote management. External disk arrays provide up to 25 terabytes of disk space. For more information, call Everfocus at 888-884-9154 or visit

MDI Inc. announces VIEWpoint PTZ

MDI's new VIEWpoint V30-2020-indoor/outdoor high speed PTZ dome camera is enterprise-grade and aims for a lower cost for deployment. It has day and night automatic change capability, 480 TV lines, and a built in fan and heater. It also features 128 preset position programming, 90-degree auto-flip, 22x optical zoom plus 10x digital zoom and a five-year limited warranty.
For more information about this product, visit the MDI's web site at

L-3 Communications' Thermal-Eye 2400xp

The Thermal-Eye 2400xp is a dual sensor stationary-mounted camera that offers Gold-Standard L-3 BST thermal image quality. It is available as a fixed-mount or pan/tilt with slew to queue capability. Optional GUI software defines a region-of-interest, automatically detects motion and provides alarm for intruder alerts. The Thermal-Eye 2400xp provides users the ability to secure their facility and see in complete darkness or challenging weather with no expensive or obtrusive illumination required.

Ionit Technologies offers Indoor/Outdoor

Ionit's pan, tilt and zoom cameras offer 30x optical zoom. The cameras are built with the inch Sony ExView CCD and Swiss made motors providing customers with resolution of 480 TV lines. Both the indoor and outdoor PTZ provide 360 degree viewing, continuous pan with a default speed of 280 degrees/second, and a 90- degree tilt range. Cameras are standard RS-485 interface with AC-24. Ionit PTZs are compatible with all Ionit DVRs.

Hawk-I Security's new color camera

Hawk-I Security's newest color camera, the Hawk-541VXIRCB, features an externally controlled DC autoiris varifocal lens. You do not have to open the camera up to vary the focal length from 4 to 9mm. The HAWK-541VXIRCB is weather- and tamper-proof, and it comes with a Sony SuperHad 420 line chip. The HAWK-541VXIRCB has IR capable of seeing 60 feet and has a day/night chip for use in all applications. The cable is mounted through bracket for added security.