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Sony Electronics debuts color video cameras

Sony Electronics has unveiled three compact color cameras for monitoring and surveillance applications, ranging from airport security to use in retail stores and banks. The cameras feature a CS Mount and can connect easily with either DC Servo or Video Servo lenses. Other features include Sony’s DynaView technology, available in the SSC-DC573 and SSC-DC590 models, for a dynamic range that is 128 times wider than other types of cameras.

For additional details on this product contact Sony at 800-866-7669 or visit

Tokina announces re-release of compact zoom lens

Tokina has announced the re-release of the TM16Z7518 compact zoom lens. The TM16Z7518 is a compact 16X motorized zoom boasting a focal range of 7.5 to 120mm. It is a 1/2-inch format that is adapted to 1/3 inch, has a motorization speed of 3 seconds and operates on no more than 50mA at DC6V-12V.

For more information contact Tokina at 888-486-5462 or visit

Wren unveils the EG8

Wren has released the 8-inch environmental globe. A versatile solution for outdoor applications, the EG8 is designed with many of the same features that have made the 12-inch version successful. The EG8 provides maximum flexibility accommodating a single fixed camera, multiple board cameras and leading PTZs.

Vicon updates fixed-camera domes

Vicon Industries has unveiled a redesigned line of Roughneck Vandal-Resistant cameras that provide greater field-of-view and day/night capabilities.

Camera/lens options include high-resolution color or day/night with a 2.6 –6 mm varifocal lens. The camera/lens combinations in the current domes provide ExView technology and an isolated power input. The unit offers 180-degrees camera mounting adjustment. The injection-molded polycarbonate dome protects the camera from shock and vandalism.

Axis introduces the AXIS 206W

Axis Communications has announced the AXIS 206W, a small network camera that connects wirelessly to a Wireless Local Area Network.

The AXIS 206W supports the IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi standard. It contains a built-in Web server and universal plug and play support, enabling easy set up on the wireless network. Axis' application software, Axis Camera Explorer, is shipped with the AXIS 206W to allow for image viewing and recording. Users of the network camera can also leverage Axis' free AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service when connecting to a local network or the Internet.

CoVi Technologies intros its EVQ-1000 security camera

CoVi Technologies has introduced the EVQ-1000. The HDTV solution has various features including 1280 X 720P high motion video and multiple views per camera with simultaneous full field and up to three zoom zones.

It also offers ultra-high dynamic range compression to capture high quality video in difficult lighting conditions, along with flexible deployment for day/night and indoor/outdoor usage.

For more information, contact CoVi Technologies at 866-292-5900 or visit

Extreme CCTV offers new Ballistic camera

Extreme CCTV has unveiled its ZX20 Ballistic camera. The product features a dual-chambered design that absorbs projectile energy and reduces bullet forces. The housing is complemented by an external sunshield for an extra layer of ballistic protection and a four-layered 1.25-inch polycarbonate window designed to protect against gunfire.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 604-420-7711 or visit the company’s web site at

Sony announces its fixed-view, color video IP camera

Sony Electronics has introduced the SNC-CS3N fixed-view color video IP camera, which features a built-in web server for remote viewing and capturing of high quality video over the network.

Designed for surveillance and remote monitoring applications, the SNC-CS3N is equipped with a 1/3-type IT CCD, with ExWave HAD technology for high picture quality and high sensitivity minimum illumination of 0.5 lux. It also features a CS-mount, vari-focal lenses with auto iris function that covers a horizontal viewing angle of 91 to 36 degrees.

CBC’s high-resolution color camera

CBC Corp. has introduced the new LVC-C310HM high-resolution color camera with 27 times auto-focus zoom. The all-purpose camera designed for industrial or surveillance applications. A day/night feature provides high-resolution color images during the day and high-sensitivity black and white images at night. Using Interline transfer CCD, the LVC-C310HM features optical zoom focal length of 3.25 to 88 mm and 480 lines horizontal resolution using 12 VDC power. All camera functions are controlled by push buttons on the back panel.

Bewator offers new dome camera

Video control specialist Bewator has launched a new dome camera called Solaris. Solaris is suitable both for internal and external use in areas such as town and city centres, airports, retail and commercial buildings.

Installation of the dome is done through a single, external connection plug and configuration is achieved using on screen display menus such as presets, privacy zones setting or diagnostics.