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Vicon introduces Roughneck Fixed Camera Dome

Vicon introduces its line of Roughneck Vandal-Resistant Camera Domes. The integral camera/lens is high-resolution color or day/night with a varifocal lens and an isolated power input.

For more information on this product, contact Vicon at 800-645-9116 or visit the company’s web site at

ProTech introduces outdoor sensor with camera

ProTech’s Piramid XL2VWC Outdoor Dual Technology sensor includes an internally mounted color camera with a heater. The Piramid XL2VWC offers a 60-degree field of view and is powered from a 24VAC plug-in transformer. It utilizes ProTech’s proprietary Stereo Doppler technology for false alarm rejection capability.

For more information, contact ProTech at 800-428-9662 or visit

Advanced IP dome cameras released by DVTel

DVTel announces its new advanced IP dome cameras, with dual video streams to enable different recording and viewing rates. Multi-DSP video processing and precision optics ensure high image quality at the lowest network bandwidth and storage.

For more information, call DVTel at 201-368-9700 or visit

Sony announces new line of network cameras

Sony Electronics introduces the first in its line of network cameras to offer MPEG-4 video compression. The SNC-P1 network camera incorporates MPEG-4 video and audio capabilities, as well as JPEG, a wide-angle mono-focal lens and a built-in microphone. The camera is suited for Internet or other limited bandwidth environments.

For more information, contact Sony at 800-222-7669 or visit

Infinova introduces NetDome IP PTZ dome cameras

Infinova has introduced pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras that feature a built-in video server. Available in high resolution color with 22X optical zoom or day/night, high-resolution color with 23X optical zoom, NetDome cameras can be viewed and PTZ controlled from anywhere in the world via the Internet using a web browser.

For more information on this product, contact Infinova at 732-355-9100 or visit the company’s web site at

Crest unveils the VisiPro-5600 series of video recorders

The VisiPro-5600 series from Crest Electronics has a global recording rate of 480 frames per second. The VisiPro-5600 series is available as a 16-channel model with looping outputs, or a 32-channel unit.

For more information on this product, call Crest Electronics at 888-502-7378 or visit

Extreme CCTV launches Explosion Proof Camera

Extreme CCTV’s EX72 is an explosion-proof surveillance solution certified for use where hazardous materials are stored or processed. The extended length of the EX72 accommodates zoom cameras for versatile performance.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 888-409-2288 or visit

Pentax introduces day and night IR lens

Pentax’s new 1/2 format day and night IP auto-iris vari-focal lens does not require the focus to be readjusted when lighting conditions have changed from daytime sunlight to night time, near IR conditions.

The lens focuses visible light and near IR light onto the CCD.

For more information, contact Pentax Imaging at 888-267-6422 or visit

CBC America introduces the ZR-DH1621NP

CBC America’s ZR-DH1621NP DVR allows users to record, playback and view live video. It allows up to one terabyte HDD capacity. The ZR-DH1621NP has networking capability via web browser or client software. It also has USB and firewire connections, built-in PTZ control and event/alarm/video loss notification through e-mail.

For more information, contact CBC at 800-888-0131 or visit

Raytheon introduces the Thermal-Eye TSC

The Thermal-Eye TSC from Raytheon combines 24x7 thermal imaging detection with long distance surveillance capabilities and integrates into current security systems. It detects human activity up to 2,000 feet.

For more information, contact Raytheon at 972-344-2026 or visit