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Extreme CCTV’s EX10 series camera offers voltage regulator

The Extreme CCTV’s EX10 series camera is updated with a voltage regulator (VRB) including automatic sensing of DC and AC current for operation under extremely cold temperatures. Made of thick nylon and stainless steel, the EX10 also features an oversized silica gel desiccant pack to control humidity.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 888-409-2288 or visit

Elmo vandal-resistant color dome delivers identifiable images

The Elmo TND4204VX is a high-resolution, high sensitivity color camera housed in a vandal-resistant, rugged aluminum, die-cast body with an impact-resistant polycarbonate bubble. Employing DSP circuitry with a 1/3-inch color interline-transfer CCD, it minimizes smear to enhance image sharpness, even in low light conditions. A 3-9 mm varifocal lens with auto iris capability provides coverage of the area.

For more information, contact Elmo at 516-501-1400 or visit

JVC Professional Products introduces full-function IP dome camera

JVC Professional Products has introduced the VN-C655.

The digital, IP camera meets the requirements of a full-function camera and offers increased control and flexibility that network security environments require.

The camera communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network and is designed for large-scale, IP-based security systems.

For more information on this product, contact JVC at 973-317-5000 or visit the company’s web site at

Honeywell introduces light-sensitive M70 camera

Honeywell has announced the M70 camera, a day/night camera that captures images in a variety of lighting conditions. The camera provides color images in bright lighting conditions and automatically adjusts to black-and-white images when the light level drops.

For more information, contact Honeywell at 800-796-2288

CoVi announces version 2.0 for the EVQ-1000 HD

CoVi Technologies’ software increases the usability and performance of the EVQ-1000 HD surveillance camera with the following upgrades for version 2.0.

The multi view allows the camera to emulate four cameras from a single source image. The main NTSC or PAL output provides a wide screen image, plus up to three additional zooms under picture images, which may be targeted at specific areas of interest within the widescreen source image.

GE Security introduces UltraView dome

GE Security UltraView wide dynamic range dome camera offers GE’s Xposure technology to process each individual pixel of each frame independently.

The dome camera is wrapped in a compact 5-inch aluminum housing and high-impact polycarbonate dome.

For more information, contact GE Security at 800-469-1676 or visit

Tamron announces 20-100mm Aspherical Varifocal Lens

The Aspherical Varifocal lens from Tamron is equipped with a F/1.6 aperture that provides imaging in dimly lit areas. The lens covers an angle of 13.6² x 10.2² horizontal and vertical, at the 20mm setting, and a 2.8² x2.1² at the 100mm setting. It is compact and lightweight. Locking mechanisms are built into each focus, iris and zoom.

For more information call Tamron at or visit

Sarnatech BNL and Bewater Ltd. team ups to create Solaris surveillance dome

Sarnatech BNL molded pan and tilt is embodied within Bewater Ltd new Solaris surveillance dome. The dome is available for indoor and outdoor use. Both companies made revisions to the unit, such as replacing steel pressings and gears with lightweight plastic pulleys and belts. The dome offers integrated options like molder routing channels and molded clips.

For more information call 508-698-8880 or visit

Iridian announces availability date for Mobile Iris Recognition camera

The Iris-SDi from Iridian will be available in the second quarter. The iris recognition camera connects to a PDA though the SD slot. It provides users with remote and handheld iris recognition capabilities while using the communication, power, and processing capabilities of the PDA. Its architecture ensures capability with cameras.

For more information call Iridian Technologies at 866-474-3426 or visit

Rainbow CCTV announces CS mount lens

The CS mount from Rainbow CCTV is a day and night lens is a 1/3 format with DC auto-iris. The lens corrects the focus shift that occurs when lenses switch from visible to infrared illumination. It focuses on a single focal plane for surveillance. It also includes locking screws and 4-pin connector.

For more information contact Rainbow CCTV at 800-654-5367 or visit