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Arecont Vision introduces AV3130 DayNightP2

AV3130 DayNighP2 from Arecont Vision utilizes proprietary DualBandP2, multi-sensor technology. The AV3130 enables imaging in a wide range of illumination conditions from 100,000 lux to 0.01 lux. It delivers up to 20 fps at a 1920 x 1200 resolution.

For more information, call Arecont Vision at 626-836-6603 or visit

Toshiba launches IK-VRO1A

The IK-VRO1A from Toshiba is a vandal resistant dome camera that features a metal housing. The camera is suitable for installation in vandal prone areas. The imaging system includes a 1/3-inch CCD that delivers 480 television lines of resolution. The camera offers low light sensitivity and a clean signal to noise ratio to be paired with a digital video recorder.

For more information, call Toshiba at 877-696-3822 or visit the company’s web site at

Elmo offers dome camera

Elmo’s PTC-400C dome camera features a 210 degree tilt that positions everything in the center of the extended surveillance area and flips the picture. The picture is always right side up. The camera has a sweeping horizontal coverage of 350 degrees. Its optical system combined with advanced high-resolution circuitry delivers clear video in a variety of lighting environments. The unit has up to 16 pre-set positions and eight speed settings.

JVC Professional introduces IP dome camera

The VN-C655U from JVC Professional is an indoor or outdoor dome camera with a built in web server. The camera communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network. It offers 360-degree rotation functionality and has 100 preset positions to pinpoint a location or object. The VN-C655U has low-light capability enabling the camera to capture images in light levels as low as .06 lux. It features an auto panning, and an auto tour, which can follow up to 100 presets at pre-determined intervals.