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CCTV Imports' CPT58

CCTV Imports proudly introduces its new high-resolution DSP color camera. It is built with a 1/3" Super HAD CCD and manually switches from color to black and white. The CPT58 has a 0.001 LUX. When in color, it has a resolution of 520 TV Lines, and 550 TV Lines when in black and white.
For more information, call 888-315-1219 (East Coast) or 800-490-9048 (West Coast) or visit

Card Scanning's Snapshell IDR

The Snapshell camera scanner is a new tool for capturing driver's license information. Powered by software featuring Optical Character Recognition to accurately read cards from all 50 states and over 30 international countries, the Snapshell uses a 3-mega-pixel camera built into its base to "snap" high-quality digital images of ID cards, populating the card's text into appropriate fields within three seconds.
For more information, call Card Scanning Solutions at 310-691-8920 or visit

ATV's C320CB high-resolution camera

The C320CB is a super high-resolution 540-Line color camera with day/night low-light-level capability. The day/night digital shutter and a 1/3' Sony Super HAD CCD high-resolution color image sensor permits an ultra-sensitive minimum illumination of 0.3 lux (color) and 0.002 lux (B/W). The camera features an on-screen-display (OSD) menu for programming of all camera functions. The programmable back-light compensation, tool-less back-focus adjustment and user-defined privacy zone and motion detection areas are standard features.

Extreme CCTV show WZ20

The WZ20, by Extreme CCTV, brings together 550 TVL high-resolution LXR imaging, the latest advances in mechanical filter CCD technology and ultra efficient dealer-friendly design. The camera delivers 150ft of high performance night vision, as tested by the Extreme CCTV engineers, industry leaders in active-infrared.
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HAWK-I introduces HAWK-561VXIRCB

HAWK-I Security, a manufacturer of digital color cameras, is pleased to announce its HAWK-561VXIRCB. The HAWK-561VXIRCB features a varifocal 4mm-9mm or a 9mm -22mm externally controlled DC Autoiris lens, with the infrared works it sees up to 120 feet away, even in pitch black.
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Axsys Technologies EOSS-1000TC-CCTV

The EOSS-1000TC-CCTV offers a versatile tri-field of view, long-range thermal solution, providing mobile and stationary security. Features include cooled 3-5um IR detector technology; long-range 55x optical CCTV zoom; a remotely controlled pan/tilt system; plug-and-play operation; self-containment in a nitrogen-backfilled, environmentally sealed enclosure; target detection for a man at more than 17 km or a vehicle at more than 20 km.
For more information, call Axsys Technologies at 603-898-1880 or visit

Honeywell video systems releases HD3 mini-dome camera

Honeywell's new HD3 Series offers enclosures with a fixed mini-dome camera and lens. The compact design allows for fast installations and easy setup. The lens positioning system is capable of 360* pan, 160* tilt and 360* rotation, and each unit mounts directly to a wall or ceiling. Aspherical Vari-focal Auto Iris lenses help eliminate edge distortion in the picture. High Resolution camera offers 530 TVL of video for commercial, government, schools, airports or casinos.

Dynapel offers EyeMax

EyeMax is a fully inclusive dome camera system specifically designed for use with DynaPel's CloseView Video Tracking & Detection System. The weather proof PTZ system accommodations up to four adjustable reference cameras allowing users to track multiple objects simultaneously with up to a 360-degree field of view. The high performance PTZ features include: day/night operation; 23X optical zoom; 300-degree/second pan speed; 220 presets with titling capability; 570 TVL color resolution and 480 TVL BW resolution; programmable tour function and more.

Security Cameras Direct's CVP1002WA

This camera is designed to be well suited for schools and prisons, and can even be used in buses or on RVs. The eight infrared LEDs allow for visual recognition in total darkness up to 30 feet away. With its diecast housing, the camera is waterproof and vandal-proof with a wide angle lens suited to hallways and vehicle use.
For more information, call Security Cameras Direct at 800-316-6027 or visit

Extreme CCTV's WZ18

The WZ18, by Extreme CCTV, brings together 550 TVL high-resolution imaging, mechanical filter CCD technology and efficient dealer-friendly design. The camera delivers 65 feet of night vision, as tested by the Extreme CCTV engineers. The WZ18 includes a 3-12 mm varifocal, auto-iris lens for versatile optical function. Focus and zoom are controlled externally by hand, requiring no tools for adjustments and making WZ18 a true plug-and-play camera.
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