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Digital Video Recorders

Cisco ’s IP Video ISR

The Cisco Integrated Video Surveillance solution comprises a 16-port analog gateway for video encoding, a video management and storage system, a Cisco integrated services router, and additional Cisco Video Surveillance Manager software. This router-integrated, single-box solution is designed for video surveillance and other network services such as routing, security, and unified communications. It allows customers to consolidate costly branch-office servers and deploy new applications centrally, while offering real-time access to physical security video and data.

CCTV Imports’ DVR-H264-4

CCTV Imports proudly introduces its new 4-channel dvr, the DVR H264-4. Key features include motion detection, remote viewing, and the capacity to hold up to a 500GB SATA hard drive. With the new and enhanced H.264 compression, 120 fps, quadruplex function, two audio outputs, and a CF card for backup, this will be one of 2008’s top dvrs.

ASIS Booth No. 4865

Tyco’s American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR

American Dynamics VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the industry’s first turn-key appliance server that lets you transform standard commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) computers into Enterprise NVRs. The bootable installation disc installs an embedded Linux operating system, web server, and all of the camera, network, security and storage applications within minutes. Each NVR supports as many as 128 cameras and can be configured with megapixel and standard IP cameras, plus analog cameras.

Mirasys’ Small Business NVR

The new Mirasys V1000 digital video recorder is specifically designed to answer the security surveillance needs of small businesses and retail outlet chains. This entry-level digital video recorder has been engineered to provide all the advanced features associated with Mirasys’ V series and ensure an affordable price. The V1000 DVR has from 4 to 16 analog camera channels and one IP camera channel that supports megapixel devices.


Mitsubishi's DVR Health Check

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Imaging Products Division has introduced its Automated DVR Health Check solution for retail, financial and higher education security installations. Mitsubishi's DVR Health Check software monitors the status of all digital video recorders operating in a given security system. The software routinely tests the connectivity and recording status of all networked DVR units while synchronizing with the organization's existing network time protocol.

Digimerge’s DHU-500 Series DVRs

Digimerge Technologies has announced the availability of its DHU-500 Series of 4, 8 and 16 Channel Pentaplex Network Digital Video Recorders. Features include a built-in DVDRW, VGA output, 250GB HDD (supports over 2TB) and GUI interface with mouse navigation. In addition, the DHU-500 Series is also offers an extended warranty. USB mouse driven navigation and an intuitive GUI are designed to make the new DHU-500 Series the easiest DVRs in the market to install and operate.

videoNEXT’s Security Knowledge Manager

videoNEXT’s Security Knowledge Manager (SKMTM) software is a true open Physical Security Information Management platform, allowing you to build your security system around the hardware of your choice. It works with most common IP or analog cameras and supports hundreds of third party sensors and systems. Whether it’s radar, biometrics, RFID or access control, SKM allows you to coordinate your existing or new systems into a single management program.

VideoIQ’s iCVR

VideoIQ introduces the first iCVR (Intelligent surveillance Camera with Video Recording) family of products. Building advanced video analytics, content aware storage and intelligent networking into high quality security cameras and encoders revolutionizes how IP video surveillance works. VideoIQ has solved the bandwidth and storage challenges of traditional network cameras, while turning video into a proactive security solution. It sets a new benchmark for scalability, fault tolerance, ease of use and total cost of ownership in network video surveillance.

Video Domain Technologies DV-Cop/CELL miniature DVR with Cellular Communica

DV-Cop/CELL is a portable, stand-alone miniature DVR integrating cellular communication, sleep mode and VMD. Upon intrusion detection, you receive an SMS and email with images attached. You can remotely manage and configure the unit via SMS messages. DV-Cop/CELL doesn’t require daily maintenance. In sleep mode it draws only 18mA, making it ideal for extended battery-powered operation in remote sites without power sources.

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Speco Technologies’ Video Digital Recorder (VDR)

Speco Technologies introduces the missing link between the VCR and the DVR. The EZVR4 Video Digital Recorder (VDR) offers the digital features you need and the ease of use your demand. It comes with a 160 gigabit hard drive for up to 960 hours of recording and a simple two-page menu structure. And, this specialized CCTV recorder fits applications where networking is not necessary. It sets up like a VCR, just plug-in and go. Speco Technologies has programmed in the most common and useful functions as factory defaults.