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Digital Video Recorders

Speco Technologies’ TN3 Series DVR

Speco Technologies, a leading innovator in CCTV products has retooled the successful TN digital video recorder series and taken the product to a new level—available this summer 2008. The 120fps Internet ready, four, eight, and 16-channel, triplex units have been transformed into a robust, embedded DVR family featuring a newly retooled front and rear panel, removable HDD bay, DVD-RW standard, dual one gigabit Ethernet interfaces and a new hardware platform; all providing enhanced video record monitor and playback performance.

Rosslare Security Products’ AC-525

An all-in-one, multi-door Network Access Controller, Digital Video Server with Edge DVR technology. AC–525 provides the best of all worlds; advanced networked access control
integrated with a digital video server using Edge DVR technology, all through a
simple-to-install and operate system. Most importantly the system comes with two analog
camera inputs and voice channels enabling high quality audio/video streaming synchronized with real time access control data.

Hunt Electronic USA, Inc.’s HVRM series DVR

HVRM series DVRs from Hunt Electronics integrates high definition video, real-time recording and central- monitoring software that offers live monitoring and complete control of 1024 units with 3000 channel display. Hunt’s control center management software supports analog, IP, HD cameras, video server, and network storage all in a unified mapping platform that is both powerful and easy to use.

Eclipse CCTV releases Nubix DVR

The Nubix 16 is a professional solution for video camera security and surveillance systems numbering one to 16 cameras. It uses MPEG4 compression to display video in real time, and records frame rate at up to 120 images per second. Users can search recorded video by time, date or camera. Record modes include: manual, schedule, motion detection and alarm. An external USB port is provided as well as RS485, and support for TCP/IP. The Nubix DVR connects easily to our cameras and speed domes. An IR remote control is included.

Bosch introduces Video Recording Manager

Bosch Security Systems, Inc.'s Video Recording Manager (VRM) simplifies Video over IP architectures by treating available disk arrays as a virtual, common pool of storage. VRM enables system-wide recording management for Bosch's direct-to-iSCSI storage, where VRM acts as the traffic cop by helping to distribute video across various iSCSI disk arrays on the network. This allows for higher storage limits for cameras that are capturing video where alarms are frequent. For more information on this product, visit

Elmo delivers DVR series

Elmo USA's new ProVidient Series DVRs are ideal for a variety of network security applications -- from single-user to multi-site applications requiring video analytics. All four ProVidient models provide best-in-class embedded performance through smarter features that simplify setup, make operations and upgrades easier and instantly notify the user of critical events.
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3VR releases SmartRecorder

The 3VR SmartRecorder replaces legacy DVRs with a system that integrates enterprise reliability and video management, analytics and robust search technology to reduce CCTV costs and enable fast investigations.
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Stanley's VIP X enterprise level DVR

Stanley Security Products, a business division of the Stanley Security Solutions Group, has announced an upgrade of the VIP video management system. VIP X is a scalable, enterprise level digital video recorder that is designed to be more cost-effective and flexible while increasing performance. The unit is designed to integrate with existing CCTV installations, as well as third-party transaction systems, such as automated teller machines, alarm panels and access control systems.

Smarter Security's SmarterDVR

SmarterDVR is a line of digital video recorders that are temperature hardened and weatherproof for covert and remote video applications. SmarterDVR supports scheduled, event-based, continuous, and motion-based recording with adjustable frame rates per camera. With Internet connectivity, SmarterDVR can send an email notification with a JPEG snapshot when motion by an intruder is detected by the camera. Remote viewing and video playback over a cellular data network are also available.

Safety Vision's RoadRecorder 6000 PRO

Safety Vision's RoadRecorder 6000 PRO is a sophisticated, wireless standalone mobile digital video recorder with 10 camera inputs and 2 audio inputs. It can record up to 300 frames per second, with individual camera rates ranging from 1 to 30 fps and supports 10 channels of synchronous audio input. Advanced compression technology enables you to get high quality video in a reduced file size that you can easily save, store and transfer as needed.
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