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Digital Video Recorders

Integral Technologies offers DVXi Digital Video Recording

The DVXi from Integral Technologies is a digital video management system using Master Control from Integral technologies; a surveillance software, providing performance digital video recording for a variety of small to medium security applications.

DVXi comes with RemoteView software allowing users to view live or recorded video in real time playback. The system is available in four, nine, 16 or 32 channels and features up to 1TB of on-board storage, including full remote access. It offers duplex recording, custom recording schedules, and full motion detection.

U.S. Acoustics' standalone intrusion video system

The Standalone Intrusion Video System from U.S. Acoustics provides customers with 20-second verification from the moment the camera or sensor detects motion to the time the monitoring station alerts the end-user. The system includes an eight-channel multiplexer, up to eight cameras with variable motion detectors, sensor and a siren. It connects to an existing alarm, burglar panel or DVR system.

For more information, contact U.S. Acoustics at 510-633-5000 or visit

March Networks' DVR

March Networks’ monitoring system is a four-camera DVR application combining software, ATM and POS transaction data integration tools. It offers the flexibility to integrate transaction data locally, while using a direct serial or IP connection.

For more information call March Networks at 800-563-5564 or visit

Dedicated Micros' Eco9

Dedicated Micro’s Eco9 camera DVMR, offers up to 30 fps recording speed and up to one month’s continuous recording. The DVMR is available in an 80, 160 or 300 GB hard disk storage size.

For more information call 800-864-7539 or visit

Crest Electronics makes addition to VisiPro series

Crest Electronics Inc. 64 channel CDVS-5464 offers alarm contacts and sensor outputs. It has 64 video inputs.

For more information, call Crest Electronics at 336-855-6422 or visit the company's website at

Mace DVR-HQ series

The Mace DVR HQ series enable high resolution, monitoring and play back options. The DVR features synchronized video and audio recording on every channel, motion detecion, remote liveview, playback and configuration over the Internet and large storage capacity up to 3.2TB.

For more information, call Mace at 954-585-6223 or visit

Advanced Technology Video adds DVR

The Falcon XD series from Advanced Technology Video is a DVR with 9 and 16 camera inputs. It offers four spot monitor outputs as a matrix switcher. The unit features file sizes as low as 3 kilobytes per image. An integrated CDRW drive or USB 2.0 is used for archiving images and output for multi media recording options. Data recorded from the DVR is accessible through a network using the series remote administration software.

Sanyo reveals the “Tiger,” network enabled DVR

The DSR-5016 from Sanyo is a DRV video management platform coded the “Tiger.” The system offers JPEG2000 technology, which features, progressive compression for network transmission of images and region of interest for targeted detailed compression. This technology enables the recorder to compress video with smaller file sizes, less block noise and improved image quality. The unit has a 120 ips high-speed engine for recording and playback. Up to four users, can take part in simultaneous playback. The DSR-5016 has a variety of storage options and capability.