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Digital Video Recorders

Video Domain Technologies adds MemoCam DVR series

Video Domain Technologies' D-V58/CELL is a standalone miniature DVR with integrated advanced video motion detection, supporting cellular communication and sleep mode. It records on removable SD cards. Cellular communication capabilities enable notification via cellphone/e-mail whenever there is an event, with option of JPEG image attachments. Recording is selective and triggered by VMD, reducing storage space required. When in sleep mode, it draws only 10mA, enabling battery-powered operations in remote sites.

EverFocus Electronics launches EDR1640

The EverFocus EDR1640 is a 16-channel TCP/IP-ready, real time (480IPS) DVR that utilizes MPEG4 compression to deliver high quality images and industry-leading recording time. The EDR1640 comes standard with two hot-swappable hard drives and is expandable to 25TB of HDD storage. Video can be easily archived to removable media via USB 2.0, optional DVD/CD burner, HDD docking station, or TCP/IP. A self diagnostic program is included to ensure the health of the DVR and HDDs.

ACTi Corp.'s ACTi NVR

ACTi's NVR solution allows customers to easily record and manage 64 channels at the same time. Below are major features: Full [email protected] FPS with audio and video format with 1.5 Mbps concurrently; web-based UI; record video and audio in MPEG-4 format; continuous, schedule, motion, alarm recording; full-featured search functions based on channel, date, time and events; tree directory with viewing by camera ID, type, name or group; remote preview and playback.

For more information, call ACTi at 866-410-2284 or visit

Matco releases new compression card

Matco's new DVRC-TI series DVR card has an on board digital signal processor that compresses the input video signals into H.264 format. The H.264 file is only 1/3 the size of MPEG-4, from 3G to HD and everything in between.

Integral announces Digital SENTRY 4.0

Integral Technologies has released the newest version of its DigitalSENTRY video management system software, 4.0. New functions include support for IP PTZ and MPEG-4 cameras and seamless integration into Integral's DS RealVue products and all DigitalSENTRY product modules.
Based on the Windows XP Pro operating system, DigitalSENTRY 4.0 features include Easy Evidence, DVD+RW support, and support for up to eight IP devices per DVMS along with analog devices.

Digimerge's new network DVRs

Digimerge Technologies has announced the introduction of its new DHT Series Triplex Network Digital Video Recorders, offering four-, nine-, and 16-channel models. The series offers a USB interface, MJPEG video compression, 60FPS recording, two hard drives for up to 600 GB of storage, and a handheld remote contoller.
For more information about this product, call Digimerge at 866-344-4674 or visit

Cyberview releases new DVR with keyboard

Cyberview Technology has released the new CV9300 DVR, combining a compact mechanism with operation via a multi-keyboard, designed to meet the needs of the small- to medium-sized enterprise market. It also offers a smart search function that allows search of 1023 events without stopping recording, three-person simultaneous access and a Dynamic Domain Name Server capability. Real-time display is possible at 480 frames per second (NTSC), with real-time recording at 120 frames per second (NTSC), slightly fewer with PAL.

Digimerge unveils DHT Series NVRs

Digimerge Technologies' new DHT Series (Triplex) Network DVRs are offered in four-, nine- and 16-channel configurations, with 600 GB of storage, a built-in 3.5"-inch LCD display and a USB interface. They also offer handheld remote control, MJPEG compression and as high as 60 FPS recording.
For more information about this product, call Digimerge Technologies at 866-344-4674 or visit

Video Domain presents Offsite Visual Storage

Video Domain Technologies has released its remote visual management solution, called Offsite Visual Storage, which uses MemoCam technology to transmit video clips of events automatically to a storage server in a secure environment. Events can then be reviewed on any PC at anytime, over the Internet. The system can be configured to supply automatic email notifications with or without video attachments, and the notifications can be grouped by camera and time-frame.

Vicon's new DVR

Vicon Industries has released the VDR-208, an eight-channel unit compatible with the VDR-204. The new DVR is suited for CCTV users who have a smaller system and require an easy-to-use, yet high-quality, recorder. It is operated and controlled by front panel controls, with the benefit of additional remote PC access over the network using the provided VDR software. The DVR has eight looping outputs, one spot monitor output, one audio input, eight sensor inputs and one alarm output.