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Digital Video Recorders

Rainbow CCTV unveils pint-size portable DVR

No larger than a "pack of cigarettes," Rainbow CCTV's new DVC128 portable DVR with built-in high-resolution camera records using a 128 MB flash memory, which can be optimized in motion detection mode. It supports both NTSC and PAL, resuming recording automatically after power loss. Power input is 12VDC, but the DVR can be powered also with four AA batteries.
For more information about this product, call Rainbow CCTV at 800-654-5367 or visit

Mitsubishi unveils new generation of DVRs

Building upon its enterprise-class DX-TL5000U DVR, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America has announced a new generation of DVRs that boost hard drive recording capacity and ease of use. The new DX-TL5000U features up to 150 percent more recording capacity and a new user interface. The new generation comes in three storage capacities, 1, 1.6 and 2 Terrabytes. With 16 cameras connected in standard mode at one frame per second, the largest model will hold 69 days of footage.

Zandar issues FusionPro Multiviewer

The new FusionPro Multiviewer from Zandar can handle up to 26 computer or video sources. It offers image quality and resolutions of up to WUXGA and 1080p. The Multiviewer features the Z-Configurator, a layout configuration software package and an optional Zandar Dual Head, which has the ability to drive two displays as a virtual monitor wall.
For more information about this product, visit Zandar's web site at

GE unveils new digital management software

SymSecure, GE's new digital video management software, provides a way to manage, configure and control video security from any location. It uses IP-networking technology and works with GE's SymSuite MPEG-4 digital video products, allowing users to continue using legacy analog equipment within an IP environment.
The system supports up to 1,000 cameras, including as many as 20 PTZ control protocols, with built-in support for major access control systems.
For more information about this product, call GE Security at 541-752-9194 or visit the company's web site at

Ionit Technologies' ion8

Ionit Technologies introduces a lightweight, aluminum chasis DVR with powerful performance - the ion8. The ion8 records 30+ days on a 250GB hard drive with 640x480 resolution. The ion8 is available in 4- or 8-channel configurations recording up to 120 fps. The ion8's user friendly software and lightweight design make it the ideal 24/7 security and management solution for convenience stores, restaurants and small businesses. All Ionit systems are designed to integrate with existing fire and burglar alarms, access control and HVAC systems.

iDVR International's SRX-Pro

The SRX-Pro is a true 64-channel hybrid, offering the best technological advance in the world of analog and IP. A digital video recorder, the SRX-Pro accepts both 32 channels of analog and 32 channels of IP. The ability to simultaneously search multiple archived videos while at the same time viewing video in real-time is a feature that is a necessary for the LP professional. The SRX-Pro offers 720x480 resolution of recording, making it a true DVD quality image.
For more information, call i3DVR at 866-840-0004 or visit

AVerMedia's AVerDVR CM1000 Central Monitoring System

The AVerDVR CM1000 enables users to access and monitor up to 128 channels simultaneously for a wide range of applications. Features include: instant notification on DVR of latest status or events, support of remote PTZ and I/O control for alarm events, dual monitor outputs and a user-friendly interface for easy set up and operation.
For more information, call AVerMedia Technologies at 408-263-3828 or visit

Mace Security's RT2 DVRs

Mace's new RT2 DVR Series provides field-tested high performance. These 4, 8, or 16 channel DVRs are user friendly with VCR-like controls and USB mouse interfaces. Other features include: 2-CIF technology, synchronized audio and video, built in Sony CD/DVD burner, and Internet access through your web browser.
For more information, call Mace Security International at 954-585-6223 or visit

Vicon's KTX-4 Digital Video Server

Vicon announces a new addition to the ViconNet family, the KTX-4 Digital Video Server. This 4-channel, 120 fps digital video server is powered by ViconNet. It allows each KTX-4 to collect video from its analog inputs and send streamed video over the network for storage and viewing on ViconNet Network Video Recording Stations, creating a true IP video solution. ViconNet also powers each KTX-4 server with the ability to be remotely configured from other Kollector Elite recorders and PC workstations on the network.

Infinova's V3021 Mobile DVR

Infinova's V3021 Mobile DVR, a 4-channel DVR with H-264 video and G.722 audio compression technology that features remote access through TCP/IP protocols that only operates on 28 volts. It is shock resistant, easy to install and provides quadruplex functions--it simultaneously records, transmits and displays video while searching for archived video.
For more information, call Infinova at 888-685-2002 or visit