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Digital Video Recorders

Chance-i USA's DiViS-CAP480N32

Chance-i USA's new 32 Channel DVR Board, the DiViS-CAP480N32, supports up to 480 frames per second. A new video-processing chip provides improved image quality with high resolution up to 704x480. Each channel has independently adjustable resolutions. Unused frames can be rolled over to channels in use to provide higher frame rate.
For more information, call Chance-i USA at 949-833-1010 or visit

Crest Electronics' CDR-4100 Series

Crest Electronics introduces an embedded DVR to complement their line up of CCTV equipment and DVRs. With MPEG-4 compression and real-time recording, this embedded DVR is perfect for those looking for new solutions. Available in four-, eight-, and 16-channel versions.
For more information, call Crest Electronics at 888-502-7378 or visit the company's web site at

Kanguru launches external serial ATA and USB 2.0 hard drive

The latest addition to the Kanguru QuickSilver family is a Serial ATA and USB 2.0 combination hard drive featuring high transfer speeds and capacities up to 500GB. The Serial ATA storage type features a hard drive transfer speed of 1.5GB per second. The hard drive also transmits through USB 2.0 and has a high-strength enclosure that secures it from external damage. It operates on Windows systems and OS X.2 and higher.
For more information about this product, call Kanguru Solutions at 508-376-4245 or visit

CBC launches nine-channel DVR

CBC (America) Corp. now offers a nine-channel DVR with all the features of a 16-channel DVR, but at a lower price. The ZR Series has capacity for four internal hard drives combining to 1.2 TB and as many as 20 external devices via FireWire. Data backup is supported by CD-R or Memory Stick via front panel USB port. It features Wavelet compression that will provide up to three months of recording capability.
For more information about this product, call CBC Corp. at 800-422-6707 or visit the company's web site at

SecurteX announces Mobile DVR

SecurteX's new Mobile Digital Video Recorder continuously records surveillance video, audio, data, GPS location and input alarms from multiple sources. Targeted toward public transport, police vehicles, school buses, taxis and other mobile security applications, the SecurteX MDVR has a Linux OS, MPEG-4 compression, low power consumption and wide temperature and voltage tolerance. The initial release features four channels of synchronized high-res video and digital audio capable of 30 fps playback per camera.

Crest releases new DVR

Crest Electronics is touting its new PC Digital Video Recorder, the CDVS-7516, as something that will reduce training time and lessen the learning curve because of its easy-to-use interface. It offers MPEG-4 compression, 720 x 480 resolution, 480fps display and record rates, multi-zone motion detection for every camera with adjustable sensitivity and remote email notification. It comes standard with Crest's Multiplatform Software, which allows embedded and PC DVRs to communicate, even from multiple locations.

Matco releases new pocket DVR

Matco has unveiled the MVC-1000-64M pocket-sized JPEG digital video recorder with a hidden pinhole camera. Powered by four AA batteries, it records the camera signal on a built-in 64MB Flash Memory, which can be upgraded to as much as 512MB. The recording rate is selectable up to 8 fps. Motion Detection Recording mode has 99 sensitivity levels.
For more information about this product, call Matco at 847-202-0010 or visit the Matco web site at

Panasonic enhances WJ-HD220 DVR

The WJ-HD220 DVR from Panasonic now features 33 percent more recording capacity. The unit has a 160-gigabyte of hard disk drive. It is also available for a 320-gigabyte hard disk drive. It has eight inputs plus PTZ camera control for stand-alone applications. The unit has a coax control up to 3000 feet using Panasonic VD2 for control of dome camera PTZ. It also includes recording and playback, electronic zoom and motion detection capabilities for integration into networked systems.

Honeywell introduces HRDE 4x4 four-channel DVR

The HRDE 4x4 four-channel DVR from Honeywell is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The DVR has four audio channels and video channels, which provide synchronized audio/video recording and playback. The unit features MPEG-4 inter-frame compression delivering video as well as increased storage capacity. The embedded operating system is stored in a nonvolatile memory chip.
For more information about this product, call Honeywell at 502-297-5737 or visit the company's web site at

IRIS Digital Video Systems adds TotalVision 16 touch screen

The TotalVision 16TS from IRIS Digital Video Systems is a 16-channel digital video recorders manufactured for the financial institution marketplace. The unit has an embedded Windows-based environment, and stores a minimum of five months of surveillance images and 12 months of transaction images on a standard 160-giga byte hard drive. The TotalVision 16TS mounts on a wall and has a built-in 12.1 inch LCD touch screen. Multiple users can retrieve images on-site or remotely via LAN/WAN.