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Access Control

Seco-Larm USA unveils new locks for small doors

Seco-Larm USA has released the E-941SA-80 miniature electromagnetic lock, as part of a larger line of access control devices. It measures just 2.75" by .75" by 1.25", and is designed for use in cabinets and drawers. It features dual-voltage operation and has an 80-pound holding force.
For more information about this product, call Seco-Larm USA at 949-261-2999 or visit

SDC electrifies Schlage mechanical lockset

In addition to manufacturing its own electrified locksets, SDC now electrifies Schlage manufactured D series mechanical cylindrical locks for retrofit access control applications. The SDC S7200 Schlage D electrified lockset features choice of failsafe or failsecure mode, clutch for abuse and vandal resistance, and Schlage "C" type keyway.
For more information about this product, call SDC at 805-494-0622 or visit

System Sensor's new Beam200

System Sensor has released a new intelligent, single-ended, reflected-type BEAM200 Smoke Detector, for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. Alignment via an optical sight and two-digit signal strength meter makes installation of the BEAM200 easier than dual-ended projected beam detectors. The product is listed for operation from -22F to 131F and provides 16- to 328-foot protection coverage.

Risco unveils SynopSYS

SynopSYS is an integrated security and building management solution that enables completely integrated site management and control via drag-and-drop based synoptic maps. It is designed for commercial and public buildings, complexes and distributed organizations. Functions include control of access control, digital video surveillance, fire and flood detection as well as HVAC and elevators. SynopSYS uses Universal Plug & Play protocol, which allows easy integration of any UPnP device.

PCSC announces new generation of controllers

PCSC, a manufacturer of products and services for electronic access control and facility management applications, has released the new generation of controllers for the LiNC-Ez building management system. The new NRX controllers feature integrated communication enhancements, such as onboard XBee-PRO, LAN, WiFi and RS485. With the XBee mode, NRX controllers are plug-and-play ready and can be installed wirelessly for communication back to the host LiNC-Ez system, up to 1,000 meters.

Synercard announces Asure ID Exchange

Synercard has added to its Asure ID suite of photo ID and ID card application control software with Asure ID Exchange, the first offering to allow for a one-step process for the seamless provisioning of multiple applications onto iCLASS, Mifare and DESFire smart cards. The new software links physical access control, logical access control, member services and cashless vending services. It's SmartGate platform reduces the process to a single step.
For more information about this product, visit Synercard's web site at

Secura Key's new reader

The newest product in Secura Key's e*Tag family of 13.56 MHz RFID readers si teh ET8-WTD, designed to mount into a standard eletrical box and use a Decora-style face-plate. E*Tag readers work with DES-encrypted cards and key tags from Secura Key, but can also read any ISO 15693 RFID tag. It also has a Wiegand output.
For more information about this product, call Secura Key at 800-891-0020 or visit

Marmitek introduces DoorGuard 100

Marmitek's DoorGuard 100 is a video door telephone system that contains a doorbell camera and monitor. Up to four intercom-connected monitors may be connected to the monitor, allowing discussion of whether a visitor at the door should be allowed in via electric door lock. The monitor has a four-inch black-and-white screen and a bell sound that is volume adjustable. The camera has a built-in microphone and loudspeaker.
For more information about this product, visit Marmitek's web site at

Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Reader

Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Reader offers system enrollment and confirmation ease with a two-camera, one-glance authentication design. It has manual tilt capability and an advanced self-prompted user guidance system. It also features Wiegand output, UL294 built-in and off the shelf support for 13.56 MHz HID iClass readers.
For more information about this product, call Panasonic Security Systems at 866-726-2288 or visit

MDI announces ONE Unified Technology

MDI securitysystems has debuted its ONE Unified Technology, what the company is billing as the only open architecture command and control operating system available on the market. It unifies security point products, systems and subsystems into a common management platform, delivering an open architecture environment that adapts each individual application and device into its structure, promoting global collaboration as a single system.