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Pacom Systems brings integrated access control and digital alarm panel to m

With the PX8, Pacom Systems has introduced an integrated digital panel that combines the capabilities of an alarm panel, and access control panel and a card reader interface. It provides eight on-board zones, five outputs, supports 256 cardholders and offers four-door access control capability. The PX8 supports wireless and is programmable from an LCD keypad and Windows-based software.
For more information about this product, visit the Pacom's web site at

DoorKing's Gate Operator Model 9210

DoorKing's model 9210 vehicular slide gate operator is designed for high security applications, such as airports, industrial plants, government and military installations. The 9210 incorporates anti-tailgating and partial-open features that help to increase security by requiring every vehicle to provide access credentials before access through the gate is allowed. It is also available with a speed-control option that allows the user to adjust the speed of the gate from .5 to 2 feet per second.

S2 Security's S2 NetBox Version 2.1

S2 NetBox version 2.1 from S2 Security Corporation is a complete, integrated, security management system in a web-based network appliance. Offering access control, alarm monitoring, video management, identity management and other advanced capabilities, the S2 NetBox scales to handle the smallest single facility to global networks of related facilities. The product requires only a web browser; no software installation is required on any PC. With its all new user interface and built-in link to live, online technical support, it sets a new standard for innovation.

AWID's Prox-Linc HT hangtag

AWID announces the release of their proximity hangtag, a tag that hangs from an automobile mirror with embedded proximity technology read by the AWID Sentinel-Prox readers. The Prox-Linc HT can be designed using logos, graphics, sequential numbering, barcodes and mag stripes in addition to the proximity technology.
For more information, call AWID at 845-369-8800 or visit

Pacom Systems' PX8

The Pacom PX8 Integrated Access Control & Digital Alarm Panel takes integration to a whole new level. This powerful yet economical device is an alarm panel, an access control panel and a reader interface all in one. It even supports wireless. It can be programmed from an LCD keypad or Pacom's Windows-based software. The cardholder database can be remotely downloaded to all PX8 panels. The PX8 is ideal for both stand-alone and multi-site projects-making it suitable for commercial and financial applications.

Rutherford Controls' TD365 Timer

RCI's New TD365 is a fully programmable, seven day/24 hour, multiple event timer. It performs up to 99 daily/weekly independent events and has a Daylight Savings Time option. For more information, call Rutherford Controls at 800-265-6630 or visit

Secura Key's e*Tag ET8-WTM

This newly designed e*Tag proximity reader uses 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. Compact and economical, it works with DES-encrypted cards and key tags from Secura Key, but can also be configured to read any ISO 15693 RFID tag. The industry-standard Wiegand output makes this reader compatible with most access control systems. For more information, call Secura Key at 800-891-0200 or visit

Essex Electronics' K-Prox

The K-Prox is a professional-grade, stand-alone access controller, which combines an Essex stainless steel piezoelectric keypad with HID proximity. Virtually indestructible, the K-Prox is designed for any indoor, outdoor, harsh or high-use application. Up to 500 users and three outputs are easily programmed through the Keypad or Essex EZKey PC programmable software.
For more information, call Essex Electronics at 800-539-5377 or visit

ekey LOGON

Whether it be for personal banking and online purchases or for commercial networks with multiple users, ekey LOGON ensures that the correct individual has access rather than any individual who has knowledge of a password. Using one's unique fingerprint measurements, ekey makes an electronic passcode that cannot be copied or shared, ensuring privacy and security. Ekey LOGON integrates with Windows' active directory to replace passwords with a finger swipe. For more information, call ekeyUSA Systems at 941-782-1227 or visit

Compass Technologies' 6E access control system

The 6E is the latest in a series of products and support services that Compass provides for its systems integrator business partners. The Compass 6E high-performance, PC-based client/server access control system combines operator screens, intelligent door controllers and flexible wiring topology. 6E features a unique graphical user interface, based on framework. The method it uses allows customers to enter user information and system operating parameters quickly, easily and with minimum prior instruction.