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Access Control

Belden introduces new compsosite cables

Belden Electronics has introduced its line of access control composite cables for commercial building, hospital, school, corporate or government installations.

The company’s Access Control Banana Peel composite cables allow users to eliminate the overall jacket and the use of color coding and application printing on the four individual cables. The cables are available in both plenum-rated and riser-rated versions.

For more information, contact Belden Electronics at 765-983-5394 or visit

Persona releases new interface

Persona has developed a Blackboard Building Blocks interface that will link its campus standalone locking system to the Blackboard Transaction System.

The software interface will allow the Persona locking system to exchange user data with the Blackboard system, making it possible for users to use a single card to access both types of locks.

For more information, contact Persona at 800-481-8464 or visit

PathMinder announces fourth-generation detection matrix

PathMinder has developed its fourth-generation detection matrix, which is capable of detecting and discerning two people walking through an optical turnstile at the same time, even if they are side by side.

Through the use of extra sensors, the new matrix is designed to overcome the problem of more than one person gaining entry with the use of only one ID badge. The new optical turnstiles are also designed to meet guidelines set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

STI intros Stopper Station Slim

Safety Technology Inc. has introduced its latest ADA-compliant button designed to work without requiring an electrical box.

The Stopper Station Slim Line can be used for an exit door, access control or as an emergency power off button. Wording options for the unit include “exit,” “push to exit,” “push to open,” “call for help” and “power off.

For more information contact Safety Technology International at 800-888-4781 or visit

Bosch upgrades Readykey door controller

Bosch has released its K2200/K2100 Readykey door controllers. The product, which replaces the discontinued K2100/K1100 door controllers, aids in improving control access.

The power supply in the new model has been increased, allowing each lock output to have 2 amps at 12 VDC or 1 amp at 24 VDC and offers an auxiliary power source for powering optional devices, such as request-to-exit motion detectors. In addition, the built-in output relays have been increased to eight from the four that were available on the previous model.

Nedap introduces AP1007 Mifare reader

The AP1007 Mifare reader from Nedap separates the antenna from the reader technology, which makes it possible for the antenna to be placed on the unsecured side of the entrance, while the encoded signal is converted into legible data on the secured side. The antenna and the active reader can be placed up to 30 meters apart

The functionality of the AP1007 can be adjusted in the AEOS software to suit both current and future requirements, including reading individual sections of the Mifare cards. Mifare cards already in use can be seamlessly integrated into the AEOS system.

Rokonet announces integrated access control

Rokonet has launched Integrated Access Control for the ProSYS Security Systems, enabling ProSYS distributors and installers to serve additional markets. Rokonet’s customers may now install Access Control together with the ProSYS using the same programming logic.

With ProSYS control panels end-users have the option of Access Control as well as the security and automation needs in one system.

The system’s scalability allows it to grow with the customer. Upgrades can be made using existing readers of every type.

Compass Technologies adds Everswitch technology

Compass Technologies has added Barantec’s Everswitch technology to its existing access control and security management systems product line. Compass will now offer all metal, non-mechanical keypads for high security, high traffic areas such as airports and government facilities as well as all outdoor applications.

With this new partnership, the new line of Compass products will be available to Compass business partners and PSA affiliates. PSA is a vendor partner of Compass.

CheckPoint’s Pinnacle offers new features

CheckPoint Systems announces Pinnacle v3.0, an access-control system. Pinnacle enterprise level features now include database partitions and point-to-point tunneling where IP multicasting is blocked. Also new is the dial-up for readers remotely located.

For more information, call CheckPoint Systems at 800-257-5540 or visit them online at

Honeywell rolls out integrated prox reader controller

Honeywell Access Systems has developed am integrated proximity reader and door controller system. Combined with the NS1’s small size are powerful functions and programming capabilities. It’s ideal for entry-level applications involving one to eight doors.

For more information, call Honeywell Access Systems at 800-223-8947 or visit