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Access Control

FaceKey expands its Compact Security Suite

FaceKey Corp. has announced that the Compact Security Suite has been expanded to include three products: access control, time and attendance, and PC logon. The products can work independently or together, sharing software and an authorized user database. With its biometric reader, the group also offers other identification technologies such as keypads, proximity or barcodes. The suite concept allows each product to share the same software and the same authorized user database and eliminates the need to enroll users in each product.

GE Supra releases QuickAccessP2 keyless cam lock

GE Supra, a division of GE Security, has announced its new QuickAccessP2 keyless cam lock, which helps original equipment manufacturers and locksmiths better access the growing mechanical keyless cabinet/enclosure lock market.

QuickAccess allows OEM and locksmith customers to replace unreliable keyless or key-based mechanical locks by incorporating a camshaft for cabinet doors, desk drawers and similar applications to its patented G2 push-button lid. As a result, end users can protect valuables while being able to change combinations right at the lock of often as needed.

Axcess unveils RFID ID card

Axcess International has announced the release of a new RFID-based identification credential designed to enhance facility security without slowing traffic or increasing personal intrusion. The new compact RFID card complies with ISO-complaint standard ID printers and is capable of transmitting an authorized building access code from inches up to 100 feet from a doorway.

Automatic identification and tracking can instantly detect unauthorized intruders and when linked to objects, can be used to improve logistics and asset management.

HID expands OEM product family

HID has announced the expansion of its original equipment manufacturer product family with the OEM50 module, a low-power, 13.56 MHz contactless smart card read/write module designed for embedding into small-format products to enable iCLASS smart card technology. The compact form factor printed circuit board module can be embedded into OEM equipment as a component in upper-level assemblies for products used in cashless vending, biometrics, time and attendance, alarm system control, HVAC control, process control, computer peripherals, and point-of-sale terminal applications.

Pygmalyon introduces RFID solution

Pygmalyon has developed an electronic label called the DAG. DAG labels enable the identification of any item including packages, luggage, palettes, files, raw materials, finished products, people and premises involved in a control process. Initially tested for timing applications in sporting events, DAG System technology is a13.56 MHz RFID system capable of handling all problems of premises access control, industrial traceability of products, and traceability of people at considerable distances with no constraints.

DYMO unveils multi-color, time expiring badges

Available in adhesive and non-adhesive badge formats, Dymo’s badges offer a solution for a wide range of visitor and personnel management applications by providing security personnel with instant on-sight verification.

Badges are printed using visitor management or badging software and place a time expiring disc over a red and black “stop sign” preprinted on the badge.

For more information on this product contact DYMO at 800-426-7827 or visit

Compass Technologies unveils the newest version of its 5E access control

Compass Technologies is issuing a new version of patented software for its 5E access control system. Incorporating an industry standard MSDE or SQL server 2000 database, the Compass 5E software is totally modular with components running as true Windows services.

With this new release the 5E is an enterprise system capable of supporting up to 1,024 readers and 30 workstations per server.

For additional information contact Compass Technologies at 800-898-7798 or visit

PCSC announces new access control product

PCSC has introduced an integrated access control and intrusion detection monitoring called the iAM. Service and user programming is accomplished with a self-loading Windows-based software application, LiNC-Ez. Most parameters, such as cardholders, zone groups, time periods and holidays are factory defaulted. Utilizing PCSC’s innovative high-security-state alarm monitoring logic, the iAM provides accurate alarm monitoring for intrusion and access control devices.

HID introduces Dorado 230 and 240

HID has announced its new access control solution for customers who require support for both magnetic stripe and proximity card technologies. The Dorado 230 and 240 Combination- Transition card readers are compatible with standard ABA/ANSI/ISO and EMPI magnetic stripe cards as well as HID and EMPI proximity card formats.

For more information on this product contact HID at 800-237-7769 or visit

Digitize announces new remote annunciator

The Digitize Remote Annunciator provides multiple redundant operator interfaces for System 3505 Controllers. Utilizing the Digitize Data Logging Program, the annunciator features programmable color and sound schemes for events and historical data.

For more information on this product contact Digitize at 800-523-7232 or visit