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Access Control

DMP unveils Model 734

DMP has announced the release of its Model 734 Wiegand Interface Module. The 734 Wiegand Interface has DMP Easy Entry access control capability. The interface module provides codeless entry plus system arming and disarming functions using access control credentials.

Dirak develops E-Line security system

Dirak’s E-Line security system functions in three ways to protect data center cabinets from intrusion.

Combining proven and reliable mechanical latches with software, the E-Line system enables an organization to control physical access to data center cabinets, monitor ongoing activities and log history. All three functions can be controlled and accessed remotely from a central location.

For more information, contact Dirak at 703-378-7637 or visit

Software House’s access control for small companies

Software House has developed a starter kit designed to provide access control for small companies looking to secure one to four doors.

Complete with the software, hardware and readers necessary to build a complete system. The C-Cure 800 Starter Kit offers smaller companies the same security features the standard C-Cure 800 models provide.

For more information, contact Software House at 800-507-6268 or visit

Galaxy Control Systems releases the 508i access control panel with Native I

Galaxy Control Systems announces the release of the 508i panel. The new panel provides a Native IP connection through a category-five jack mounted on the CPU of the panel. The connection allows a direct Ethernet connection to the panel, without using an intermediate serial-to-Ethernet converter.

The 508i panel is controlled by the System Galaxy software, an enterprise-class access control system that integrates badging, CCTV, DVR, elevator control, guard tour, time and attendance, and facility management.

Sensor protects industrial automatic doors

B.E.A. Inc has developed a microwave sensor for use with industrial automatic doors. The sensor’s microprocessor and planar antenna generate a sensing field that is able to activate the door when needed and eliminate unwarranted door openings. The unit can be set to detect approaching vehicular traffic while disregarding pedestrian traffic and parallel vehicular traffic.

Siedle unveils fingerprint-based access control

Siedle has introduced fingerprint-based access control for residential and small commercial applications.

Instead of keys, the biometric characteristics of the fingerprint is used to gain access. Each finger read is compared with stored print information of entitled persons. If matched, the door lock is released.

For more information, contact Siedle at 800-874-3353 or visit

Designed Security Inc.’s T-DAR Tailgate Detection System

Designed Security Inc. has extended its door management line with T-DAR, a tailgate detection system including three-dimensional stereo optical tracking. T-DAR is designed to correct the security lapses by preventing unauthorized tailgating and piggybacking through secure doorways.

For more information, contact DSI at 800-272-3555 or visit

GE Enterprise Solutions’ Secure Perfect 6.0

Secure Perfect 6.0 is GE Enterprise Solutions’ Windows-based electronic access control system featuring advanced integration opportunities. It adds extensive enterprise, video surveillance and operational features, all blended with Secure Perfect’s recognized ease of use.

For more information, contact GE at 800-428-2733 or visit

Compass Technologies updates its 5E access control system

Incorporating an industry standard MSDE or SQL server 2000 database, the Compass 5E software is modular with components running as Windows services.

With this new release the 5E is now a true enterprise system capable of supporting up to 1,024 readers and 30 workstations per server. The new Navigator interface allows real time connection to other user databases such as HR or university registrar systems.

For more information, contact Compass Technologies at 800-898-7798 or visit

Viking introduces door entry system

Viking Electronics has introduced the ES-1 Door Controller, which is designed to operate door strikes or magnetic locks upon receiving a valid card read and/or keyless entry. Up to 250 valid Wiegand codes can be programmed into the ES-1.

For more information on this product, contact Viking Electronics at 715-386-8861 or visit