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Access Control

Synergistics’ multi-featured access control system

Synergistics has announced Presidio, a multi-featured access control system. It is web-based and requires no local software. It is programmable for up to 255 access levels. Features include alarm prioritization and scheduled reports via email.

For more information, contact Synergistics at 508-655-1340 or visit

Corbin Russwin offers 800 series

The Corbin Russwin Access 800 Series offers a full range of battery-operated, standalone access control products suited for a variety of applications. The motorized keyless entry system is programmable for enhanced features, including time zones, user database and prox card access.

For more information, call Corbin Russwin at 800-650-1664 or visit

Videx announces Cyberpoint electronic tags

Videx announces Cyberpoint electronic tags. The electronic tags are designed to serve as data checkpoints during security guard tours.

CyberPoint can be used as a standalone guard tour system or in conjunction with a CyberLock access system. One key can be used to contact data checkpoints and access locks throughout a facility.

For more information on this product, contact Videx at 541-758-0521 or visit the company’s web site at

Visitor management system available from EasyLobby

EasyLobby’s SVM 8.0 visitor management system electronically reads visitor IDs, such as a license, passport or business card, and captures that information in a database to replace paper guest logs.

For more information, contact EasyLobby at 781-455-8558 or visit the company’s web site at

Software House unveils iStar Pro

iStar Pro from Software House is an Ethernet-ready access control panel.

Through its streamline design, the new iSTAR Pro features the latest technology and fewer circuit boards that provide dependable, cost-effective solutions for enterprise-wide access control.

For more information, contact Software House at 800-550-6660 or visit

Hirsch Electronics rolls out visitor management

Visitor management from Hirsch Electronics introduces a secure approach to managing visitors. It automates the visitor process by capturing details. The product also issues professional badges, controls access by door and time and analyzes visitation patterns.

For more information, contact Hirsch Electronics at 949-250-8888 or visit

Gunnebo Omega’s OptiStile 220SB

Gunnebo Omega’s OptiStile 220SB has incorporated an anti-tailgating technology into a compact four-foot long pedestal. The barriers on the 220SB can be set to either pop out when an unwanted user enters the lane or opening only with an access control card.

For more information, contact Gunnebo Omega at 707-748-0885 or visit

Designated Parking introduces MySpot 200

Designated Parking Corp. has announced the availability of the MySpot 200 parking system. The system is engineered to provide a solution to unauthorized use of reserved parking spaces, access ramps and driveways. The MySpot 200 is powered by a proprietary hydraulic spring mechanism that captures and stores energy from the weight of the vehicle, therefore no external power source is required. A keychain transmitter is provided for remote control of the barrier using personal security codes.

Synergistics announces iAccess

Synergistics announces iAccess, a remote hosted access control system.

iAccess communicates securely via the Internet to control entry to facilities. Simple to implement without installing software or server hardware, iAccess is designed with the flexibility to link multiple sites together under one system.

For more information on this product or others the company offers, contact Synergistics at 508-655-1340 or visit

Continental Instruments’ Turbo Superterm–8 supports up to eight doors

Turbo Superterm-8 by Continental Instruments is an expandable intelligent controller capable of supporting access control functions for one to eight doors. This distributed processor-based panel will operate as a standalone unit in the event server-communications are interrupted. It is programmed via Continental Instruments CardAccess software program.

For more information on this product, contact Continental Instruments at 631-842-9400 or visit the company’s web site at