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Access Control

Designed Security’s mechanical turnstiles

DSI has added mechanical turnstiles to its extensive line of access management solutions. Compatible with all major access control systems, the turnstiles will monitor up to 20 people per minute per lane while sensor and mechanical systems prevent tailgating.

For more information, contact DSI at 800-272-3555 or visit

Napco’s Gemini Access adds access control

Napco Gemini Access Control Module adds integrated access control to the burglar alarm functions of the GEM-X255 255-Zone Hybrid Control Panel, enabling the creation for a seamless system with shared database and programming. Up to eight doors of access can be added to the GEM-X255 System.

For more information on this product, contact Napco Security Systems at 800-645-9445 or visit the company’s web site at

Benchmark Technology Group offers end-to-end identity theft prevention

Benchmark Technology Group has announced the availability of a new middleware component, ID B-Ware, to its documentation authentication and verification solution, AssureID, which is designed to prevent identity theft and fraud in the bank branch.

Chamberlain Professional Products upgrades Elite Miracle-One gate operator

Chamberlain Professional Products has made improvements to its Elite Miracle-One linear gate operator.

Improvements include a new pre-wired Chamberlain Security+ radio receiver that comes in every control box, an external alarm reset button, updated software for improved limit function and an extended wiring kit on all dual gate operator packages.

Kaba adds features to Simplex 1000 Series

The Simplex 1000 Series from Kaba Access Control mechanical pushbutton lock is now available with a lockout feature directly from the factory. Previously, the feature required ordering an add-on kit.

Lockout allows users to prevent combination entry by activating the lockout feature from the inside of the door. When lockout mode is active, entry is only possible via the lock’s key override.

Lockout is available on all 1021 and 1041 key override models by simply adding the letters "LO" to existing part numbers.

Barantec and Quintron team up for access control solution

A joint effort by Barantec and Quintron is bringing a new unit to the market that combines and transitions three technologies: keypad, mag stripe and proximity.

Tri-Guard, offers a number of benefits to end users in areas such as the government and educational markets where mag stripe technology has been prevalent.

The joint design between the two companies incorporates Barantec's Everswitch Inside piezo technology.

Bewator adds reservation capability to Entro access control system

The Bewator Entro access control system, which caters for up to 512 doors and 12,000 cardholders, has been developed for companies and organizations that require a high level of security.

The Entro system has been equipped with reservation facility, which enables the user to reserve a particular facility and gain access for a particular time interval. This provides an in-house automated reservation process for wide ranging applications.

Software House unveils new open access control reader

Software House has released an open system, multi-frequency and multi-protocol access control reader that combines proximity and smart card technology with the capability to read open-standard industry access control cards. This allows companies to transition from a proximity system to an advanced smart card system over time while using the same reader.

Hectrix Limited launches SSL-protected access control and time attendance s

The SSL protected access control and time attendance system from Hectrix, called the ACTAtek, is a web-based system that has the software and hardware built in it. It can be used in a standalone capacity. Network support from TCP/IP networking protocol allows ACTAtek to be operated in a multiple device environment in primary and secondary mode. Its modular build allows it to integrate with devices, such as a fingerprint sensor, card reader, or built-in camera.

Radian announces SAFGate

Radian, an ESSI company, has announced the SAFGate technology facility entry control system.

SAFGate provides an integration of technology to automate many facility entry control functions, leaving guards free to perform evaluations and access control functions.

SAFGate is designed for facilities with high traffic when conventional vehicle and driver screening techniques would result in lengthy delays and traffic congestion.