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Access Control

Revamped GE Picture Perfect 3.0 ensures cross compatibility

GE Infrastructure, Security has upgraded its Picture Perfect 3.0 enterprise access control and security management system.

The product features a Java-based user interface that leverages Java connectivity technology, ensuring cross-platform compatibility with ERP, human resources and other enterprise applications.

The Picture Perfect 3.0 server runs on top of IBM AIX version 5.2 on the ISM pSeries or on top of Linux on Pentium-based servers.

STOPware unveils PassagePoint v4.5

STOPware has introduced its PassagePoint v4.5. The product delivers a wide range of enhancements designed to deliver more features increased versatility and higher levels of visit or management control. In addition, PassagePoint v4.5 includes a system notification feature called SecureView to provide security personnel with instantaneous system status and security alerts.

For more information, contact STOPware at 408-367-0220 or visit

Chamberlain professional Products announces Elite Telephone entry system

Chamberlain Professional Products Elite Wireless Communicator is an access control accessory that allows owners and installers to expand the Elite Telephone Entry Systems to control up to 31 access devices wirelessly. It is compatible with the line of Elite RS-485 access control devices. Its built in surge protector is rated for 10,000 volts and 6,000 amps. The unit eliminates the potential challenges with underground cable, such as corrosion, power line interference, failed junction box connections, and cut wires. It has a line of site range of 6,000 feet.

EverFocus unveils EverAccess

The EverAccess line from EverFocus includes a series of access control devices. The devices include 125 KHz proximity readers, two to eight door expandable controllers and management software.
The readers and controllers use a 26-bit wiegand data format for easy integration with existing systems.
The Flex series management software is Windows compatible and offers an easy option to navigate interface. The devices can operate as a stand alone or networked solution and can store up to 16,000 events.

EasyLobby launches Secure Visitor Management 8.0 software

EasyLobby’s latest version of SVM 8.0 adds advancements to its version 7, such as enterprise- level administration for centrally configuring and managing software for networked operation across 100 or more locations, and integration with access control systems. Its web based application offers employees an option to pre-register visitors through the Internet with Express Check-in. The Administrator module monitors visitor traffic at all locations, can set options and print reports.

Kaba releases E-Plex 5000 Series

The E-Plex 5000 series from Kaba is an access control option. The electronic pushbutton locks are programmable and offers up to 100 access codes. It provides a 3,000-event audit trail. The series is certified in the builders hardwire manufacturer’s association.

For more information contact Kaba at 336-725-1331 or visit

Hectrix Limited launches ACTAtek

ACTAtek from Hectrix Limited is an access control and time attendance web based system with biometrics software. The software allows the system to store fingerprint templates directly to the smartcard. Its modular build permits the system to be integrated with a variety of access control applications, such as the card reader, fingerprint sensor or built in camera.

For more information call 714-573-0494 or visit

Sensors Unlimited offers IR camera

Sensors Unlimited’s SU640DV-1.7RT area camera features a 640 by 512 pixel resolution. The camera captures images in the 300 nm to 1700 nm wave brand range. It offers built in anti-blooming properties. Its preset exposure times range from 250 microseconds to 33.8 milliseconds. Programmable settings are achieved through an external trigger for settings greater than 10 microseconds.

For more information, call Sensors Unlimited at 609-520-0610 or visit

Designed Security adds full height Mechanical turnstiles

Designed Security’s mechanical turnstiles are designed for indoor and outdoor applications. The turnstiles provide access control in high traffic areas of up to 20 people per minute per turnstile. The units are compatible with any access control system.

For more information, call Designed Security at 800-272-3555 or visit

SecuGen expands fingerprint sensor

SecuGen’s FDA02 is a one to many matching algorithm for rapid user identification. The system includes a patented optical fingerprint module and a PC board with CPU and flash memory that can hold up to 2,000 fingerprint records. The FDA02 can be used as a stand-alone application because fingerprint capture, minutiae extraction and template matching are all conducted in the on board CPU.

For more information, call SecuGen at 408-727-7787 or visit