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Access Control

Shimon Systems Inc. and Texas Instruments team up to offer BIO-EM

Shimon Systems’ Fingerscan Biometric Embedded Module is a fingerprint recognition module that authenticates users by capturing, converting, storing and matching user’s fingerprint images. The module is a standalone solution based on Texas Instrument’s digital signal processor. The BIO-EM is a flexible module for embedded application that consists of two boards that have DSP, memory, DC-DC power supply circuits, a USB connecter and LEDs.

iAccess Systems adds blood vessel authentication system

The VA100, blood vessel authentication system is a biometric identity and access management device that uses a pin number and the unique image of the blood vessel pattern in a finger for registration and authentication. The image is created using near infrared light and a CCD camera. The system can authenticate an individual with a false acceptance rate of one in one million.

For more information about this product, call iAccess at 562.490.3112 or visit the company’s web site at

Boon Edam offers revolving door with Stereovision

Boon Edam’s Stereovision provides physical access control while maintaining a high traffic capacity at entrances. Stereovision, the security revolving door technology is designed to enhance the Tourlock 180 and 80 by preventing piggybacking, tailgating and unauthorized entries. Stereovision is a patented security system that recognizes shapes, sizes and volume in three dimensions.
For more information about this product, call Boon Edam at 801-261-8980 or visit the company’s web site at

Barcode Automation BA-200 Barcode reader

The BA-200 from Barcode Automation recently obtained UL access control system certification. The system is designed to meet access control needs of high-volume gated entry points. The reader is offered as a standalone, or can interface with an existing access control panel through a Wiegand 26bit format. The unit can be integrated with a computer security system through an RS232 serial port. The components are encased in an aluminum housing with interior temperature and humidity control extending the operation of the unit and laser life.