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Access Control

Adams Rite’s Power Latch

The 4200 Series Power Latch is an electrified deadlatch that provides electric unlocking capability for aluminum stile and glass door entrance systems. Typical applications include interior and exterior doors in commercial locations. It offers flexibility of traffic control and an alternative to fail-safe (unlocked) magnetic locks or cutting in electric strikes. The Power Latch is well suited for automatic door applications, and installs or retrofits without stile modification with Adams Rite MS Deadbolt prep.

Bosch introduces new controller

Security Systems, Inc., has launched the innovative Access Easy Controller (AEC). This Web-based system offers the features of a Web server and the functionality of an access control system in one complete unit. Designed for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises such as corporate offices and retail chains. the AEC uses standard browsers ( e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) and works on any operating system, including Mac and Windows.

Honeywell's Pro-Watch Release 3.7

Honeywell announced the launch of Pro-Watch(R) Release 3.7 software that offers a complete security management solution including access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and CCTV system interface. New and enhanced wizards, shortcuts, and templates make the software easy to install and use.
For more information, call Honeywell Security at 800-467-5875 or visit


AUTOCLEAR presents scanner

AUTOCLEAR/ Control Screening presents the 4025 small parcel X-ray scanner at this year's ISC East conference. The AUTOCLEAR 4025 has the maximum tunnel opening for a machine of its size ( 15.8" x 10.0") and it has the smallest footprint in the industry. Ideal for enhancing security in mailrooms, it is extremely portable in its ergonomic design.
For more information, call Autoclear at 800-231-6414 or visit


Rosslare Security's new reader/controller

Rosslare Security Products is proud to introduce a new convertible reader/controller and to announce the release of a brand new high-quality line of products. These products, multi-format proximity, PIN and biometric readers, once attached to an intelligent power supply automatically convert into 500 users, well featured stand-alone controllers.
For more information call Rosslare at 866-632-1101 or visit


Designed Security announces new optical turnstile

Designed Security, Inc. premiered its ES870, an optical turnstile with Stereo Vision Sensing Technology. With barrier arms and 3D cameras in an overhead perspective, tailgating and piggybacking attempts are detected and prevented. Typical incidents such as step-over and crawl-under are restricted with the new sensing technology.
For more information, call 800-272-3555 or visit

Smarter Security Systems' Fastlane GlassGate

Fastlane has introduced GlassGate speedgates. GlassGate combines Fastlane's tailgate detection, speed and accuracy with a refined glass barrier system of several varied heights. GlassGate features a sleek design with a 6.4" pedestal width for both standard and ADA lanes. GlassGate also has breakaway glass barriers for added life safety and liability benefits.
For more information, call Smarter Security Systems at 800-943-0043 or visit

Winsted's Talon 2 Custom Console Systems

Winsted's new Talon 2 Custom Console System (CCS) is ergonomically designed to be a self-contained control room. For situations where wall mounted monitors are not an option, the Talon 2 envelops operators in a functional, freestanding work environment featuring as many as 15 45-inch flat panel monitors on five vertical frames or 12 60-inch monitors on four vertical frames.
For more information, call Winsted at 800-447-2257 or visit

Stanley's MX8 Patented Keying System

Stanley Security Solutions' MX8 Patented Keying System is available in the M or X series. The MX8 Patented Keying System curbs unauthorized key duplication as Stanley is the sole manufacturer of MX8 keys and will only sell keys after verifying that someone is an authorized purchaser. Compatible with all existing BEST figure-8 lock housings, the MX8 Patented Keying System requires little or no change in service equipment or key and core pinning activity.

Ultra's Magicard Avalon Duo

The Magicard Avalon Duo, by Ultra Electronics Card Systems, is a new value-oriented double-sided ID card printer. Featuring a robust metal construction, and backed up by a two-year warranty in North America, the Avalon is a choice for where double-sided ID card printing is required, either for batch printing or for instant card issuance.
For more information, call Ultra Electronics Card Systems at 425-556-9708 or visit