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Access Control

DVTel' Longitude IP Access Control

The new Longitude IP Access Control, offered by DVTel, is an open, software-based access control solution with features such as alarm monitoring, graphical maps, automation, reporting, photo ID badge creation, time and attendance, visitor logging and PLC for criminal courts/correctional institutions. The unified iSOC V5, combining Longitude IPAC, boasts a rich integration platform that offers a single, highly intuitive graphical user interface.
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Boon Edam Tomsed's Speedlane 996

The Speedlane 996 provides a combination of maximum security, styling and high-traffic capacity for entrance applications. The 96-beam matrix by PathMinder offers .25" tailgate detection, including side by side traffic, and a negligible false alarm rate.
For more information, call Boon Edam Tomsed at 800-334-5552 or visit

Cogent Systems' ID-Gate

A PIV compliant access control device, Cogent Systems' ID-Gate is a FIPS 201/PIV-compliant, biometrically secured access control device that utilizes a combination of an integrated keypad, a fingerprint scanner, contact and contactless smartcard readers in one device. The ID-Gate can be used either to verify a PIV credential prior to the completion of card issuance or to positively identify the holder of a PIV credential.
For more information, call Cogent Systems at 626-463-6013 or visit

Aiphone's GH Series

Aiphone's GH Series features hands-free communication for multiple tenant applications and a high-resolution color video monitor that provides a clear color image, even at night. The GH Series accommodates up to 500 tenant stations and 16 entry panels in two styles: Digital Name Scrolling or Direct-Select Call Button.
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Brivo Systems' ACS OnSite

The Brivo ACS OnSite is a Web-connected access control solution with a browser interface. No software installation and no elaborate training are required. And because ACS OnSite utilizes the ACS5000 hardware with the new ACS5000-S Control Panel, it is upgradeable to ACS WebService, Brivo's Web-hosted access control solution, with a firmware upgrade.
For more information, call Brivo Systems at 866-692-7486 or visit

AMAG Technology's Symmetry

Symmetry Video is an open video management platform for video servers, digital video recorders and IP cameras providing integration of intrusion, video, access control and other security functions. Symmetry ENVS (Edge Network Video Server) sits at the edge of the LAN/WAN and stores and forwards activity on demand, allowing for archiving to take place at off-peak times.
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VeriChip's VeriGuard Access Control

At ASIS International 2006, VeriChip will be officially launching its VeriGuard Access Control solution, providing security through an FDA-approved, human-implantable RFID microchip and supporting wall-mounted reader. As a key part of the larger VeriGuard Security Suite offering access control, personnel security, visitor management, and asset location modules, VeriChip provides a new RFID security.
For more information, call VeriChip at 800-970-2447 or visit

Temtec's TimeJet Expiring Badges

TimeJet Expiring Badges are computer printable visitor management badges that change color over time. They are available on 4" x 6" sheets, two badges per sheet. TimeJet Expiring Badges cannot be reused, altered or transferred. Additionally, TimeJet Expiring Badges can be used with any visitor management software on virtually any inkjet or laser printer to deliver visual security.
For more information, call Temtec at 800-628-0022 or visit

Continental Access's CardAccess 3000 v2.3 Software

Continental Access, a Napco Security Group company, has introduced version 2.3 of the CardAccess 3000 Software. The CardAccess 3000 Software (CA3000) is a fully featured access control software package that has been designed to take advantage of new technologies to provide access control solutions from standalone entry level through networked world-class enterprise systems. This enterprise software provides a solution for facilities of any size.
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Edge introduces access control system

Edge Integration announced the Edge ACS, a highly scalable, end-to-end IP-based access control solution that meets convergence needs in IT and physical security. The system features Edge's plug-and-play IP Controller and browser-based management platform called EdgeWeb and provides a complete access control solution for retail chains, multi-tenant office buildings and other organizations with geographically dispersed facilities.
For more information, call 510-452-9532 or visit