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Access Control

Open Options releases Compliance Manager

Open Options releases Compliance Manager, a new and innovative software product that works in conjunction with NPower DNA to capture the specific reason a cardholder is accessing protected areas. The patent pending technology behind Compliance Manager helps meet requirements of several new mandates affecting businesses such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

For more information, call Open Options at 877-818-7001 or visit

Smarter Security Systems unveils Fastlane GlassWing

Smarter Security Systems' Fastlane Division introduces GlassWing. Along with Fastlane's tailgate detection, speed and accuracy, GlassWing adds vertically retracting glass barriers to allow true bidirectional control and automatic hands-free exit if desired. Though the fast acting glass wings are obvious visual and physical obstructions, the transparent nature of the glass keeps the entrance and business atmosphere open and inviting.

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ImageWare Systems introduces

IWS Disaster Management IWS Disaster Management is a feature-rich disaster identity management solution suite that incorporates ImageWare's Biometric Engine and Identity Management technologies for the secure credentialing of first responders and volunteers, biographical and biometric identification of displaced victims, as well as the ability to conduct comprehensive biometric and text-based searches to help identify missing and deceased victims. IWS Disaster Management operates at any scale, from state and local to regional, national and international disaster levels.

Comprehensive Identification Products debuts Lanyard Smart Reel

Lanyard-Badge Reel Combo combines with Smart Reel Quick-Lock for use where people must swipe smart ID cards to gain building access or log onto computers. Extra reach makes it easy to gain access without removing the ID. Lanyard Smart Reel is worn around the neck and eliminates the risk of leaving cards behind. Unique slot design allows lanyard to be easily removed from the reel, extending the life of reel. It's available in black, blue and white, and can be custom imprinted.

Fargo adds HDP600 CR100

Fargo's HDP600 CR100 Card Printer/Encoder is the desktop printer that's able to print full images over the edges on CR-100 cards. Oversized cards are important when visual identification of a cardholder is critical. The larger card size and over-the-edge printing allow for bigger photos for faster and more accurate authentication. The HDP600 CR100 prints on both sides of a card for added security, and can add a holographic overlaminate to cards for maximum protection.

Honeywell Access Systems unveils Pro-Watch Release 7

Honeywell's new Pro-WatchRelease 7 incorporates input from users worldwide and represents the best in access control. More intuitive and user-friendly, Pro-Watch Release 7 includes some great features: improved system configuration for quicker installation; wizards to facilitate uniform installations and reduce the learning curve for new users; better integration with DVM R200; enhanced auditing and tracking capabilities; and open architecture that allows side-by-side video streams from multiple vendors.

EMIT Technologies unveils People Portal II

The People Portal II is a comprehensive full body scanner that detects weapons, explosives and contraband substances hidden on people by utilizing dielectric low-level microwaves. Explosive materials and weapons made of metals, non-metallics, liquids, powders, and plastics are automatically found, without operator interpretation, and presented on a wire-frame image indicating where an anomaly is located. PPII benefits include fast scan (three seconds), comprehensive detection, target location, low false-positive rate and complete privacy protection.

IR Security unveils Schlage Security

Management System Schlage SMS delivers online and offline capability, including video association for offline lock transactions. Four software levels let users seamlessly migrate to new levels as security requirements change while leaving existing databases, PCs and hardware intact. Multiple digital video options include video management systems, web-based DVRs, mobile video and intelligent video solutions.

Transtector Systems unveils CR4

Transector introduces its CR4 Card Reader Suppression. Valuable electronic systems will experience unpredictable and potentially destructive power quality conditions such as lightning and transients, which can cost businesses maintenance time and costs, equipment replacement costs or customer dissatisfaction.

For more information, call Transtector at 800-882-9110 or visit

Safety Technology International debuts Mounting Pedestal

Safety Technology International's new Mounting Pedestals offer a convenient way to mount a variety of access control equipment outdoors. Two models are available: The STI-9779 measures 60 inches (1524mm) high and is designed to be anchored, cemented and buried into the ground. The STI-9780 measures 42 inches (1067mm) high and is designed with a base to mount to a concrete pad. Both models have a durable anti-corrosive powder coat finish.

For more information, call Safety Technology International at 800-888-4784 or visit