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SORHEA’s BIRIS II active infrared barrier

The new active infrared barrier BIRIS II features a new aesthetically-conscious design, with an increased IP index (IP55) that guarantees a better protection against very humid area. BIRIS II is the 2nd generation of modular active infrared products. It is made of stand alone products from 20 to 40 cm height to simplify the installation. New features and/ or configuration; Interconnection of few stacked barriers; integrated alignment interface.

ASIS Booth No. 3254

Pelco’s Spectra Mini IP

With complete 360 degree PTZ control and high-quality, full-frame-rate video, Spectra Mini IP captures what others simply cannot. And it delivers the speed, accuracy and responsiveness you’ve come to expect from Spectra. Easy to install and even easier to operate, Spectra Mini IP takes advantage of PoE technology and an open architecture. Spectra Mini IP is specifically designed for seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure, so is the ideal choice for a multitude of markets.

Tokina Industriala’s (THK Photo Products) TM55Z1038

Tokina introduces the new Super Motorized Zoom Lens. The compact body contains 55X(10-550mm/ -1100mm), high speed (F3.8), super high resolution by using SD (super Low Dispersion) glass lenses. Available Manual, Auto iris, Preset and inner 2X extender models for variety of applications.

ASIS Booth No. 2463

Brijot Imaging Systems’ ScanPort

The Brijot ScanPort, an engineered security solution that optimizes the Brijot GEN 2 technology in a rugged, portable, whole-body imaging system for use in extreme environments, consists of a standard 20-foot ISO shipping container that contains two GEN 2 full-body imaging systems. The passive millimeter wave-imaging systems provide simultaneous front and back real-time screening and concealed object detection.

Contigo Systems’ Lone Worker Safety Solution

Contigo’s Lone Worker Safety Solution provides an unprecedented level of protection for both drivers and lone workers. During a theft or critical incident, workers or vehicles can be tracked in real-time by central station operators using Contigo’s location-aware PSAP database to dispatch emergency personnel. The Contigo Lone Worker Safety beacon requires no installation, enabling the device to be used in a vehicle or carried on-person for the ultimate in versatility and security.

Cross Point’s GORT

GORT is a robotic security guard that stops crime before it occurs. When an intruder enters a secured area the GORT light will turn on, scan the area and lock on the intruder. The light will flash several times informing the intruder that he is being watched and recorded. As the intruder moves through the secured area the light will follow him, convincing him that he is being watched by a human who is controlling the moving light. If an IP system is connected to the GORT, a user can look through the camera via internet and move the camera/light to view the secured area.

MicroTek/KBC Networks’ ThruLink

ThruLink products provide transparent and secure communication over any standard TCP/IP network. Thrulink performs from behind firewalls, NAT devices and through nearly any other type of network configurations. The ability to deploy a secure network over or within other networks allows integrators to deploy network devices without disturbing the host network. ThruLink is available in both standard and high capacity models.

ASIS Booth No. 1346

Fiber SenSys’ Fiber Defender Indoor Sensor Mat

The Fiber Defender Indoor Sensor Mat, a revolutionary fiber optic mat designed to protect the platform of a mass transit station from unauthorized or accidental access to protected zones, is an integrated unit comprised of components meeting the most stringent guidelines established by the NFPA and ASTM. The mat, able to filter out noise and nuisance alarms while identifying dropped packages and unauthorized access attempts, has been rigorously tested and approved for use by a metropolitan transit authority.

G4S Wackenhut’s Secure Trax PDA Units

Secure Trax‚is a mobile reporting application that provides immediate incident notifications that are transmitted directly from officers at the site via e-mail to pre-determined customer representatives and Wackenhut supervisors. The data is retained in incident tracking software and reporting is available.

Vicon’s Pilot Matrix Switching Systems

Vicon’s PILOT line of crosspoint matrix systems incorporates advances in programming and chip technology into the traditional mainstay of analog CCTV systems, the analog switcher. The new PILOT line offers solutions for systems ranging in size from 16 to 2000+ cameras and provides more robust, compact and cost-effective options. All systems offer extensive tour, preset, alarm and titling capabilities.

ASIS Booth No. 927