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Gentex's Mass Notification Series

Gentex mass notification appliances' strobe and horn/strobe units are designed for various warning and emergency applications. The multi-colored lens units are available in amber, blue, green and red. The units are available for wall and ceiling mount applications as well as outdoor wall mount models. The Gentex Mass Notification line is UL1638 and UL464 listed.
For more information, call Gentex at 800-436-8391 or visit

Designed Security announces new optical turnstile

Designed Security, Inc. premiered its ES870, an optical turnstile with Stereo Vision Sensing Technology. With barrier arms and 3D cameras in an overhead perspective, tailgating and piggybacking attempts are detected and prevented. Typical incidents such as step-over and crawl-under are restricted with the new sensing technology.
For more information, call 800-272-3555 or visit

Smarter Security Systems' Fastlane GlassGate

Fastlane has introduced GlassGate speedgates. GlassGate combines Fastlane's tailgate detection, speed and accuracy with a refined glass barrier system of several varied heights. GlassGate features a sleek design with a 6.4" pedestal width for both standard and ADA lanes. GlassGate also has breakaway glass barriers for added life safety and liability benefits.
For more information, call Smarter Security Systems at 800-943-0043 or visit

Lantronix rolls out WiBox

The WiBox Device Server from Lantronix is small enough to fit almost anywhere, minimizes costly cabling and provides the ability to remotely monitor and control equipment over the Net. Advanced Encryption Standards provides true end-to-end data protection. Two DB9 serial ports, RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 support with 128-bit WEP encryption and wide 9-30 VDC input power range.
For more information, call 800-422-7055 or visit

DoorKing unveils slide gate operator

DoorKing has introduced its model 9210 Maximum Security slide gate operator, designed for gates up to 100 feet long and weighing up to 3000 lbs. Gate speed can be set from one-half to two feet per second with a slow start / slow stop operating mode. An anti-tailgating and adjustable mid-stop function improves overall gate security, and a warn-before-operate feature activates an alarm two-to-three seconds prior to gate movement.
For more information, call 800-826-7493 or visit

Safety Technology's Protective Cabinet with AC/Heater

STI's NEMA 4X Protective Cabinet with air conditioner/heater allows outdoor-rated fire alarm control panels to be protected from extreme temperatures. The unit cycles as required and the fan runs continuously to sustain uniform temperature inside the enclosure. The stainless steel air conditioner/heater contains an integral power supply and built-in condensate removal system. The design does not require a compressor, fluorocarbons or filters. The air conditioner/heater is externally mounted to minimize space intrusion.

GE Security offers new CPU

PXNplus CPU, GE Security's newest solution, provides the IT conformance needed in today's security management systems, preserves customers present investments in earlier generation GE microcontrollers and enables easier upgrades. With the PXNplus CPU, users meet U.S. government security specifications for physical access control systems, including HSPD-12 and FIPS 201. Offering up to 10-times the processing capacity of previous-generation CPUs, it leverages the latest IT technologies, including a Linux operating system and standard serial and 10/100 MB Ethernet communications.

TransTech Systems' TransCam AC

The TransCam AC Digital ID Camera Solution combines the image quality of a high resolution digital camera with a live video capture software interface that makes capturing images for ID badging applications faster and easier than ever. The Auto Crop feature detects the location of the subject's face, and automatically positions and sizes a crop box over the face.
For more information, call TransTech at 888-843-3643 or visit

MBM's Destroyit 2501 shredder

MBM Corporation has introduced the new Destroyit 2501 document shredder. This business shredder features new performance and safety features. The "Easy Switch" control element uses color codes and backlit symbols to indicate operational status. The 2501 also features Destroyit's exclusive Operator Safety System (OSS), which insures the highest standards of safety.
For more information, call MBM at 800-826-0161 or visit

J.A.M. Plastics creates No Flip Lanyard

J.A.M. Plastics' No-Flip lanyards keep badges from flipping over, making IDs easier to see and read. Made of a high quality broadloom neck cord, these lanyards come with color-matching breakaway joints and J.A.M. Plastic's patented wide plastic hook. No-Flip Lanyards also come with a " slider that can be customized with a company logo.
For more information, call 714-525-8383 or visit