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Cart saves contractors time

Security system contractors can save time and money with a new rolling tool cart holding all tools and hardware necessary for installations from Masters Electronic Supply.

The cart contains all hand tools, connectors, fasteners and mounting hardware for installing access control, alarm and CCTV systems.

The complete Security Cart contains five kits: Tool Kit, CCTV Kit, Mounting Hardware Kit and Machine Screw Kit and Fuse and Wire Termination Kit.

Meder Electronics debuts relay

The CR-Series Reed Relay from Meder Electronics is a low-profile device with a ceramic case that matches the thermal coefficient of expansion of the reed switch glass and the reed lead to eliminate any packaging stress.

The relay is capable of switching up to 6 GHz with

New Streamline lights from Federal Signal

Federal Signal Corp. is introducing the LP31 incandescent light, an addition to the company's Streamline line of products.

The LP31 offers features such as a NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosure, three mounting options and five colors.

The line comes with three factory-assembled mounting bases, including the LP3PI with integrated 1/2 inch pipe mount; the LP3MI, with a 1/2 inch male pipe mount and the LP3TI with a two-hole design for surface mounts.

Middle Atlantic Products intros lockboxes

The VLBX series of lockboxes from Middle Atlantic Products are intended for access-controlled storage systems for sensitive equipment such as time-lapse VTR's and tapes and multiplexers.

The lockboxes are available in two standard sizes and can be custom ordered.

For more information, contact Middle Atlantic Products at 973-839-1011 or visit

Security assesment software rolled out

Global Protective Management has introduced SecureAssess, a software product designed to evaluate the protection of critical infrastructures.

The product guides security personnel through a structured physical security assessment of facilities and structures.

SecureAssess features include hand-held portabilty through a PDA, instantaneous reporting and available customization.

GPM has three security assessment modules on the market: general security, health care facilities and high-rise security.

Tracer debuts modules

ID modules from Tracer Electronics miniaturize addressable alarm monitoring.

The modules fit inside magnetic contact housings, such as security door contacts. Model 3034R is used for recessed contacts, and model 3034S for surface-mounted contacts.

For more information, contact Tracer Electronics at 973-663-9522 or visit

Flair introduces new overhead door contact

Flair Security Products has redesigned its 1000-98Z Overhead Door (Floor) Contact to interchange with the four most popular mounting "footprints" offered in the industry.

The new 1000-98Z features a high reliability reed switch. The contact is made of solid aluminum to resist corrosion. The reed switch is sealed in a waterproof epoxy and protected on all sides by its solid aluminum enclosure.

For more information, call Flair at 800-532-3492 or visit

G.R.I. incorporates C2T Technology in hold-up devices

G.R.I. has incorporated a new technology in their Hold-Up devices HD-1 and HD-2. This technology, C2T, senses the touch of a human hand, even when the user is wearing gloves, thus making this new and improved HD Series perfect for fast food restaurants. The HD-1 & HD-2 have a totally silent operation and no moving parts, are low profile and make use of an LED to indicate the armed and alarm conditions.

For more information, call G.R.I at 800-445-5218 or visit

Winsted adds new cabinet

Winsted's Model 70010 is a new four drawer locking cabinet for storing a wide variety of media.

The drawers have dividers that are adjustable side to side in 1/2 inch increments and each drawer can hold up to 225 DAT cassettes, 116 audio cassettes, 228 CDs or 52 VHS tapes.

The inside drawer height is six inches. The cabinet is constructed of 20 gauge steel. A single lock controls all drawers and each drawer includes a label holder.

Flair offers Latchguard overhead door lock

Flair Security Products' 1900-98 Latchguard provides overhead door protection. The steel door latch or dead bolt acts as a shunt between the reed switch and magnet, creating a closed circuit when the door is closed and the latch is secure.

The design enables the installer to mount the contact off the floor. The 1900-98 Latch-guard is made of a heavy-duty plastic with the operating gap pre-set at the factory.

For information, contact Flair Security Products at 800-532-3492 or visit